SpecOpShop to Offer SSFN’s LandCamo ABD Patterns

SpecOpShop has entered into an agreement to offer SSFN’s LandCamo ABD (American Battle Disruption) patterns. In addition to the SERE pattern seen above there is also Alpine, Jager, Gora and Mammut. ABD SERE pattern is currently being field tested Allied Special Operations Forces.

All patterns are available for pre-order with SERE ABD shipping in February 2013 and the other patterns in late Spring. For now, the fabric will be printed in Slovenia and this initial offering will feature their SOU uniform in 100% a ripstop Cotton print.

The Special Ops Uniform is also available in PenCott patterns (shown here) as well as MultiCam. The SOU is based on the ACU with several upgrades and is offered in sizes Small – XLarge, regular and long lengths.

This is some info on the SOU’s unique features:

On the Shirt:
Outward slanted breast pockets allow access while wearing plate carriers, vests, etc… Hidden Zipper front edge on shoulder pockets allow easy/ergonomic access, pocket on right forearm for whatever you want to put in it, dual pocket on left forearm for pens or chemlights, button cuffs, slight tail for blousing the shirt into the pants. They’ve removed key pieces of Velcro and replaced with buttons to “silence” the uniform, gusseted armpits.

On the Pants:
Comfortable elastic waistband eliminates the need for adjusting tabs or tying off drawstrings, reinforced flat bottom edge of hip pockets for clip on knives or multi-tools, five 3″ wide beltloops, beltloops on sides are spaced to securely support drop leg holster, slight rise above the rear beltloops, 3-button cargo pockets w/hidden front zippers for access while kneeling or while riding in a vehicle, elastic magazine holder inside cargo pockets, Lower calf pocket, pocket above the cargo’s in front, Velcro ankle cuff for securing over boots, gusseted crotch.

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11 Responses to “SpecOpShop to Offer SSFN’s LandCamo ABD Patterns”

  1. Eric Troedsson says:

    Are/will these be approved for use by the US military?

    • SSD says:

      Considering they are not even finalists for the US Army Camouflage Improvement Effort, and no other service is actively seeking a new camouflage, I’d say “No.” I’m curious tho. Why did you ask?

      • Bob says:

        Is there a timetable for when the camo family will be revealed? They said before “early december”. I don’t think I can wait much longer, the anticipation is killing me.

  2. Mike Ried says:

    I can not remember the last time I anticipated the release of a camouflage system to this degree. I have been following the progression of this through SSFN for quite some time. I am stoked that a US Company is presenting this.

    Like they say.. Shut up and take my money!

  3. Bill says:

    Made in Slovenia and being field tested by “Allied Special Forces” makes it sound like the Slovenian Special Forces, which in turn sounds like the smallest special forces force in the world.

  4. Brent says:

    Finally! Can’t wait!

  5. Mike Honcho says:

    Bill, the Material is printed on in Slovenia. Then material shipped to the US and the gear is manufactured here in the US.. . . I don’t really think it’s the size. . . . . (isert pun). its how effective it is.

  6. Hodge175 says:

    Good thing will still rock UCP… Those uniforms will never blend in well…gees

  7. Haywood jahblowmie says:

    This is one of the most effective camo patterns on the market. I only hope they dont sell everything before they take my money. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!