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James Yeager Is So Sick Of Being Called A Coward That He Will Challenge You To A Duel

ENDO Gun Blog has been closely following the story about firearms trainer extraordinaire James Yeager and his chagrin with those that want to call him a coward from afar. Apparently, Yeager is so sick of it that he will challenge you to a duel to settle the issue once and for all (that is, so long as you sign this release).

Regardless of the legality of this move, Yeager is obviously pissed. This video should give you an idea of how fed up he is.

I’d say that he is pretty ticked. It also seems like it’s all gone too far and I hope that he can put everything back into perspective before this goes full retard.


69 Responses to “James Yeager Is So Sick Of Being Called A Coward That He Will Challenge You To A Duel”

  1. TM says:

    Go away, James.

  2. FormerSFMedic says:

    Some or even most would say he’s already gone full retard. With that said, I’ve met James and I watch all his videos. Honestly, I like James and I think he has a lot of really good knowledge. However, the guy really has an “abrasive” personality and I don’t think anyone would really give a shit about what he’s done or how he’s done it if he didn’t put himself out there like that. I guess he just doesn’t “care” or so he says. If he’s pissed off about the situation then maybe he should stop with all the shenanigan’s and people wouldn’t look for a reason to piss him off. Again, I like the guy but what does he expect when he acts the way he does?

    On another related note. None of us have the right to judge him for his actions during a firefight in Iraq. Why? Because none of us were there! No one knows the truth except for James and the others who were involved.

    • Mohican says:

      I wasn’t present in WW II but I think I can judge those who tortured prisoners, can’t you?

      I won’t judge this guy because I am a piece of shit. Others with real combat experience judged what he did.

      • FormerSFMedic says:

        That’s not the same thing and you know it.

        Other experienced combat vets have judged him? So that makes it ok for us to judge him too even though we don’t know anything about the situation? My point is not to defend him but rather bring attention to the fact that we really don’t know much about the events in question. He may be a coward. I dont know. He may have just made mistakes. He may have done everything right. I wasn’t there and neither were you. Honestly, I don’t care what the guy did. I don’t train at TR and I don’t train with James. I also recommend that shooters stay away from TR. If I went there to train or I sent others there to train then I would take a closer look but that’s not the case.

        • Mosaicnet says:

          We have the AAR from the company he worked for and the video. Dude got off the X and saved his own ass, I would expect nothing more from a cop.

          He is not a soldier. A soldier would have fought to save lives, a coward would have died in a puddle of his own piss without firing a round.

          James Yeager is… well, a cop. Nothing special in either direction.

          • “He is not a soldier. A soldier would have fought to save lives, a coward would have died in a puddle of his own piss without firing a round.”

            Come on man, kind an obtuse and ignorant statement in my opinion. I know plenty of cops who fight to save lives.

            Let’s try to be a little more realistic.

          • Mosaicnet says:

            It won’t let me respond directly to Brannon, so here is my response –

            That is the exception, not the rule.

            There is even a supreme court ruling showing what cops already know: Officer safety is #1. Nobody else enters the picture:

          • Matt says:

            Yeager is an ego maniac. But to lump all cops into the same basket is crap. And you’re talking crap.

          • FormerSFMedic says:

            So, I didn’t want to, but I researched the James Yeager ambush extensively the last two days. I read James’ AAR, AAR’s from his teammates, the companies AAR, the other companies AAR, the US Army AAR, and watched the video. After all that I still do not feel like I have enough knowledge on the fight to pass judgement on James. I will say however, that it appears that James did NOT do anything wrong that would have lead to his teammates fatal injuries. Also, I do not believe James “ran away”. In fact, it appears as if he had a good vantage point that others on the team did not have.

            There seemed to be a substantial amount of miscommunication between team members. Whether or not that is true is unknown to myself. Again, I wasn’t there and I don’t feel I have the right to pass judgment. But, I do NOT believe James saved himself or “ran away”. With that said, the ambush appears to be pretty standard stuff. Mistakes were made, good decisions were made, and what happened, well, it just happened.

          • Chris says:

            Get a clue mosaicnet, did it ever occur to you that many of us cops (Im retired) were in the military prior to getting on the job. Before I joined the NYPD I was in the Marines. While I agree alot of cops lack courage your statement makes you sound ignorant that you expect nothing more from a cop.

  3. AMF says:

    What the hell , i thought i was watching a bad WWE spinoff.

  4. Mike P says:

    Gats and Tats…sounds credible. He must be the real deal.

  5. Random says:

    Dude,I hope this is legal and someone would agree to this.If all this crap will go down we’ll have to come up with a new term,full retard just won’t cut it.

  6. kf says:

    i think this has got to be the biggest “LOL” of 2012,

  7. MKEOD says:


    Yeah, that’ll show ’em. It’s the ultimate resolution to the timeless, age-old problem of someone on the internet insulting you, though. Instead of trolling their forum, invoking a flame war, or comparing them to Nazis, you just challenge them to a duel.

  8. beans says:

    Instant youtube success. Millions of views. Millions of subs. Yeager wins. We all lose.

  9. steve says:

    I hope someone takes him up on his offer.

  10. dan says:

    Calling Travis Haley! You’re needed on the internetz!

  11. Matt m says:

    Its not legal as far as I can tell, and SEVERAL people have already called him out on it, said they would sign it or have and he has yet to buy them a plane ticket as per his original offer.

    Based on what he teachs at TR hes an asshat. Easy enough to judge what happened when you have video to back up erm I mean show you fucking up then ot admiting it.

    • jack says:

      matt, have you trained at TR? I have. and I the instruction was top notch IMO

      • Jason says:

        What is your professional background? What other training/qualification courses have you attended? What exactly makes the training from TR “top notch”?

        • Matt m says:

          7+ years plus active duty, 11B
          2 deployments, Iraq
          3 years Sniper TL, Class 12-30 USASS
          EAG Tactical Carbine 3 day
          Mike Pannone Advanced Carbine Course
          Bennie Coolie Carbine/Pistol 3 Day

          Now working private sector, headed back overseas doing the same job but in a defensive role.

          Im not an arm chair commander

          • TedBundy says:

            No doubt a Yeager buddy sent in shill the conversation and spin it in Yeagers direction.

            Your credability is ZERO.

          • Ted Bundy says:

            matt m

            No doubt your a buddy of Yeagers and trying to spin this conversation in Yeagers direction or at least take the sting out of it with positive comments.

            You’re shilling has been dully noted and FYI you now have ZERO creds.

            You might as well log in with a different name and try again.

          • Matt m says:


            Huh? Re-read what I posted. I called him out on the fact that several people have already said yes, and Yeager didnt follow up his end of his bargain by getting the plane ticket set up for the challanger.

            I do not care for Mr. yeager in the least, and would not take training with him if I was fucking paid to do it.

          • Andrew says:

            Hey Matt, Good on you, and thanks for your service. FYI, Jason was asking Jack what his background was, as he was the one saying Yager was “top notch.”

            TedBundy, you seem to be on another planet, and obviously lack basic reading comprehension.

  12. Joe says:

    Seems like this guy was the bully in middle school too

  13. Nothing like a true professional. Hey guys your saying shit online because I act like an abrasive douche fight me in real life with guns and swords. Not only is that most likely illegal but doesn’t really shine a good light on responsible gun ownership.

    Oh well his plan continues to work people keep watching this stuff and keep subscribing.

    • S. says:

      I completely agree. Lets make gun owners and the industry look like it’s filled with egotistical douche bags who want to fight and kill people to prove something no one else cares anything about.

  14. fisto says:

    for those of us who came late, whos calling him a coward and why.

    • Mike says:

      There is a video floating around of an ambush on his convoy in Iraq. The perception is that he left a fallen comrade. Hard to tell what actually happened.

  15. Justin says:

    The only thing this video is missing is Honey Boo Boo slurping some sugar water while hitting other rednecks with folding chairs.

  16. Post Goggles says:

    Yeager went full retard long ago, I treat stuff from him how I’d treat a small child screaming for attention.

  17. jim d says:

    Is he going to ask to do the duel next to a ditch he can dive into?

  18. Anon says:

    James Yeager has just established himself as the Ashida Kim of firearms instructors.

    • Chuck Norris says:

      Easy now! Why just the other day I used Ninja Death Touch to infiltrate the Octagon.

  19. Eric says:

    Happily, I had never heard of this dude til this post. Yeah, he seems legit.

    I don’t know what kind of classes he teaches, but if they include concealed carry or related classes, his former students might want to find a new class and burn their TR certificates. Imagine being sued after shooting someone with this guy as your documented instructor. “Isn’t it true, Mr. Shooter, your Use Of Force instructor repeatedly advocated the use of a duel to settle an argument about cowardice?” Hello prison and massive civil lawsuit.

  20. Cory O says:

    The trailer trash of the instructor world………

  21. Adam says:

    I also didn’t know who this guy was. I thought it was a pretty funny move to challenge the internet to a duel, but not funny haha. (The best part was that lady claiming to be the most interesting woman in the world and that she’s better than Chuck Norris? WTF?)
    However, it’s not so funny after watching the video. Here is a video link to the ambush in Iraq that prompted a bunch a dudes, kids, and foreigners to call him a coward on the Internet. He couldn’t take the criticism. Get on with your life James, it was a tragedy and you were involved, enough said. No one believes that you’ll do a duel anyhow. Are you that dumb? This just looks like self-promotion or ego. People are dead and you’re acting like a child.

  22. TedBundy says:

    FYI: It’s another White Trash Redneck publicity stunt. He knows damn well it’s not legal. Hence the public offer. It’s like the 5th grade when a punk starts a fight or talks shit ten feet from the teacher – he knows you can do nothing at that moment.

    He talks about “Gun Fights” when he has only been in one and even giving him the benefit of the doubt his performance was not something he should be proud of OR hang his hat on in the training business. It was a miserable failure.

    In a world full of U.S Mil personel, Special Operations vets, etc who have spent years in combat it’s down right shamefull for a retart like Yeager to even claim to know Combat let alone teach/talk about it.

    • Matt m says:


      Re-read what I posted. Im not a fan of Yeager, nor ever have been. He’s by no means a “buddy” of mine, nor would I train with the man. Not sure what you meant by saying I was supporting him?

  23. Matt m says:


  24. bob says:

    That he’s disabled comments on his YouTube channel and only allows conversation on his own privately administered forum speaks volumes…

    Plus, who get all pissy over some internet trolls??? *shrugs*

  25. Gene says:

    For fuck’s sake, TEX GREBNER endorses Yeager. That, in itself, should be enough to damn him to hell.

    Someone said Yeager is a cop. Yeager WAS a cop. A small town cop. For not very long, either.

    Steroids, small dicks, big egos, loud mouths and overly tight T-shirts, along with some bar whore skank that nobody has ever heard of, are a nauseating combination.

  26. Hodge175 says:

    I bet he brings a Glock 19

  27. Scathsealgaire says:

    By Code Duello, he is the challenger. He therefore needs to get his second(s) to talk to the second(s) of those he has challenged. This is basic etiquette, a challenge is not a blanket thing, it is against individuals.

    By Code Duello, he does not get to choose the ground, the Challenged does. So he will not be buying tickets for someone else to come to him, he will be buying tickets to see them on ground of their choosing.

    By Code Duello, he does not get to choose weapons, the Challenged does. If the person he challenges is not proficient in sword or gun, they may choose any weapon they are proficient in that the challenger is too.

    Seems to me that this guy has not read Code Duello.

  28. nob6 says:

    this guy is funny, I like him

  29. Ryan says:

    I just thought of something. Wouldn’t by him not taking up anyone on their offer to duel just prove he is a coward?

  30. Thatguy says:

    So by not accepting the applicants of this “duel” does that make James a coward?

  31. Amsdorf says:

    Here is my video response to Yeager’s nonsense:

    • I just saw your video and read the comments – James Yeager did not teach a class ‘for me’ – no none teaches anything ‘for me’. He did in fact just do a class for Clint Smith at Thunder Ranch- that is probably what the misinformed individual is talking about. I don’t post on YouTube so I would appreciate it if you posted a correction. Yeager attended an AK class I taught and as a student was good to go, I had no issues with him at all. I certainly don’t agree with what he is doing publicly with his recent videos and such but frankly it is none of my business – he is a grown man and can do and say as he wants.

  32. Shawn Knight says:

    I don’t hate James.

    I don’t give a crap about James.

    James seems to give a crap about everyone else though.

  33. Reapray says:

    A business man making a big deal of himself on the internet in a way that might lead back to people watching his media and generating revenue? Say it ain’t so!

  34. Mark says:

    He is a joke, its as simple as that. A true professional would not act like he does. We all laugh at him at work, really we do