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Duro Launches New MultiCam Fabric Website

Duro Textiles, LLC holds the license from Crye Precision, LLC for printing MultiCam fabrics and has just launched a completely revamped website. Developed by Rubic Design, there are a lot of cool new features.

Let’s face it. The old website was a bit of a pain to order from. You had to wait for shipping to be calculated and you had to have a google account. But with this new launch, those issues are fixed and Duro has integrated new features. Shipping charges are automatically calculated (including international shipping) and checkout is much more streamlined.

In addition to a whole slew of use cases for the various fabrics, the new site allows you to browse the various materials. You can even filter the fabrics by application. They’ve also launched a few new fabrics including TenCate’s Defender-M FR fabric. Additionally, you can now sign up for a newsletter service to make sure you stay up-to-date.

This video gives you a great idea of what it takes to print MultiCam fabric.

Here is an exclusive offer for SSD readers. Use the SSDMULTICAM promo code for 10% off your order through December 21st. Then, through the 31st of December enjoy a 5% discount with the same promo code. This is limited to web orders only, but can be used by new or current customers. And, Duro let me know that they expect to see a few of the larger companies take advantage of the discount for last minute web orders before the end of the year. TacHackers, don’t forget to check the fabric overruns for some great deals.


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