SOMA – Mystery Ranch

This will give you a shot of the Mystery Ranch SpadeLock Med Panel in a 3-Day Assault pack.


As you can see, the pockets are mounted via hook and loop to the SpadeLock making configuration and use a snap.


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3 Responses to “SOMA – Mystery Ranch”

  1. Doc Steel says:

    I love it

  2. Doc Rob says:

    Still not sure if Im a fan of this or not, had it set up for the Manchu Mile here in Korea, and every time we stopped to rest and I needed to get to my ranger candy meds or my materials for treating blisters it was kind of a pain in the ass to get to the pouches with all the other stuff in my assault pack. Between all the Ready Heat Blankets I was required to carry even though they suck and all the snivel gear I carried for my self ( it was at night and the temp went down to about 17 )
    I had to dam near unload my whole bag just to get to the pouches. I purposely wore my 3DAP to see how it would hold up as an aidbag, and also because it has that nice waist strap and my RATS pack doesn’t have one (hint hint mystery ranch)
    but after getting through all 25 miles or so I realized that if I were back in Afghanistan and had to get to my medical equipment quickly after getting to some cover with my patient I would have to unload almost the whole bag just to get out my medical equipment. I know I kinda went on a rant but just wanted to share my recent experience with the spade lock, still love my Mystery Ranch bags. I just think that Mystery Ranch needs to refine the RATS pack one more time to have a fold away waist strap like the 3DAP, instead of offering the option to mount to the NICE Frame, cause having to mount it to the NICE Frame makes it seem almost too big and cumbersome to be carrying it on missions, unless you going on 72hr ops and you need to carry that much equipment both medical and combat supplies; ammo, food, water, snivel etc.