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SOMA – FDL Group

FDL Group has developed a Pre-hands on training, web-based course for Z-medica that prepares a student for taking hands on training with the QuickClot Combat Gauze product. This allows for maximized hands on time in formal training courses.


It covers How CG works, When to use CG, How to use CG along with multiple section quizzes. Once you complete the web-based training you complete a test that provides instant feedback if you miss a question. When you pass the test it provides a completion certificate as well as notifying your training manager.

FDL Group is also developing similar web-based training tools for other manufacturers.

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2 Responses to “SOMA – FDL Group”

  1. pocketdoc says:

    I guess that’s clever, but no amount of discussion or even using it on training dummies can replicate actually using in on real wounds when you really need it to work and are leaning into it with everything you have. I thought I understood how to use it, until I got my first opportunity in a live tissue lab. Completely different and something that stays with you.

    This is probably a decent first step in the learning process, but absolutely must be followed by live tissue training.

    • SSD says:

      The point is to get the academics out of the way on the computer so that you can more hands on time in class.