SOMA – Leatherman

The new Leatherman Raptor was designed specifically for medical personnel. It is a compact, folding shear.


It integrates a one hand opening strap cutter with an integrated oxygen tank wrench. Flip to around and there’s a carbide tip glass breaker as well as a lanyard attachment.

Once opened the shear’s 420 high carbon steel blades feature a metric scale ruler for measuring ECG strips and the shears themselves feature a unique grind that doesn’t shed material into wounds and allows you to rip cut. Additionally, there is a ring cutter function at the back of the blades.


In addition to a pocket clip which will also fit a single PALS bar. Additionally, there is an ambidextrous injection molded holster that allows for angled carry. The holster allows for open or closed carry of the Raptor.

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6 Responses to “SOMA – Leatherman”

  1. Doc Steel says:

    When’s the release date for this? Also is there any plans to release a version with a black shear? Either way i dont mind buying it as it is right now.

    • GAK_PDX says:

      Leatherman does this silly thing where they finish a product enough to shoot glossy ads for it, but announce it *months* before availability. See: The Skeletool. The MUT. The OHT and now the Raptor.

      They are saying May. Expect July.

  2. Doc B says:

    Long bit to wait, really, but they look to be well put together. I’d prefer a darker shear, myself, but long as it does what it needs to do I can still Cerakote it if I must.

    I do think that announcements made this far in advance are simply done by goofy marketing muppets. You’re giving a smaller more agile company an opportunity to come up with something better…but then again maybe it’ll help us get something better.

  3. Terry says:

    These look awesome. Do want.

  4. Jason says:

    That is pretty cool….My only gripe is that I like shears like I like the rest of my EMS equipment: Cheap and disposable if need be.

    I’d rather not the heartache of losing it or having it unusable because of some patient’s BBP’s….

  5. Kenneth says:

    Looks like it would be a pain in the ass to decon.