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Buy American and Save

Buy American and save you say? Impossible? Not if you’re purchasing a Berry Compliant Arc’teryx LEAF combat jacket from Mission Ready Equipment.


MRE is offering the US made softshell LEAF Combat Jacket in MultiCam at an astonishing $200 off! Instead of $599, you pay $399. Available in Med – XXL, supplies are limited.


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11 Responses to “Buy American and Save”

  1. Mike Birchfield says:

    Sorry, even at $399 it had better cook, stand watch and cary my ruck.
    If the hi-speed gear market hasn’t noticed, the vast majority of us are no longer, ever have been, or ever will be tier one guys who need or can afford $400 for just a jacket. The economy, combined with the empending draw down is going to put a lot of them out of business if they continue to make NASA priced gear.

    For $399 I would expect a complete head to toe outfit, just my opinion for what ever it’s worth.

    • SSD says:

      Arc’teryx is doing just fine. In fact, it’s the brands that build cheap products that are struggling.

  2. Riceball says:

    I have to agree with you Mike. As nice as a lot of this gear is it’s also very expensive and really hard to justify the cost for those of us not a member of SOCOM or even active or reserve military. But I suppose that’s why this costs so much, they’re aiming their gear for that nice market of SpecOps types who need this sort of high speed gear and get it paid for through their unit’s budget. So that means that they don’t produce their gear in larger numbers and add to that the high labor costs associated with being US made means they have to charge more, a lot more in most cases.

  3. Nic says:

    Have you guys purchased any Arcteryx equipment? I bought an Alpha SV and a Gamma MX over 10 years ago and they both look like they are brand new. The gear is definitely worth it and it is built like it was made to be handed down to your children.

    Arcteryx won’t be going out of business anytime soon. At $599+ for their jackets, they still sell out. This isn’t The North Face (China).

  4. JP says:

    Rather than save $200, you could save $400 by not buying a jacket you dont need. Anyone active or former-active duty likely has 3 or more high-speed jackets, berry compliant, that are waiting in the queue. No doubt the gear is well-made, but that’s still a large chunk of change for what is just a jacket at the end of the day.

    Anyone so high-speed that can’t be without this, will have it issued. Great discount, but: what Mike said.

    • SSD says:

      I kinda wonder why a guy who doesn’t want to buy a product feels the need to detract from it. There are other quality products out there as well, but they cost.

      I’ve seen this before. A guy doesn’t see how a product can cost so much and then he touches it. And, his worldview changes. It’s like sitting in first class. I wait for sales to buy my stuff. It’s worth it. Buy quality, cry once.

  5. Husky says:

    you probably can not find Canada made Multicam combat jacket any more.
    the picture here is actually a Canada made combat jacket… look at top of the zipper! the black spot is actually like zipper garage…. to cover the zipper! and this pictured jacket does have a wind flap! The berry one you got will nothing like the picture! lousy job they do in US! No wind flap! BERRY here = $$$$ not mean better job/ better value!
    $400 is ok price….

    dead bird come on…update your website pictures!….the new combat (crocodile color) is not like the picture on your web! same on this Multicam!

  6. Husky says:

    this is the correct picture from LEAFGEAR Germany


    Shame on Deadbird …please update your LEAF website!

  7. John says:

    I definitely don’t need the stuff, but I love all 4 pieces of apparel I have from Arcteryx (cap, knee pads, goretex shell, and Bravo jacket). I would rather spend a lot of money on something from a company that takes pride in their products and simply kicks ass then send it down the drain repeatedly for stuff that is just ok. You get what you pay for and I would not trade any of the purchases I have made from them.

  8. maresdesign says:

    Are these not made in Puerto Rico?

  9. Amerikuh says:

    FYI , Arcteryx is Canadian based and a good portion of the gear is made in burnaby bc CANADA.