A Blast From The Past – Just In Case

Posted during SHOT Show, January 2009. This is the Herring Modular Sporting Rifle at the time exhibited by Ares Defense.

Ares Defense Systems, Inc.
The shape of things to come? The Modular Sporting Rifle prototype may be just the thing if threatened weapon bans are enacted. Designed to fit any AR-15 style upper receiver, the MSR looks as if an M4 mated with an 870. It certainly hides some of those menacing “assault weapon” features such as pistol grips, collapsible stocks, and external mag wells. When combined with a flat top upper, you can barely tell the rifle is a black rifle.

Ares Defense Systems Modular Sporting Rifle


35 Responses to “A Blast From The Past – Just In Case”

  1. bob says:

    My crystal ball tells me that M14s will become increasingly popular in the months to come.

  2. straps says:

    Put a faux wood grain on the stock and the handguards.

  3. Paul says:

    Single shot? No action spring/buffer.

  4. Nick Pacific says:

    Where does the buffer and spring go

  5. TM says:

    We sure this isn’t photoshoped?

  6. Tim Ellwood says:

    looks like a Kel Tec CA 16

  7. Mr. European says:

    Am I the only one who thinks a pretty-much-stock SKS would be adequate as a “home defence” or reservist weapon?
    Basically the only mod I’d put on the SKS is a Tech-SIGHTS diopter rear sight for accuracy. And a Rk.95-style side rail for optional sights.

    • Luke says:

      I think the SKS is too long, unwieldy and the magazine situation is not advantageous. in short I see no reason to limit myself to a less effective tool.

      I do not seek “adequate,” I seek overwhelming superiority.

  8. Min says:

    As long as it could be modded like a stock AR I really wouldn’t mind that configuration. Toss on an AFG, 4x scope or red dot, I could roll with that.

    Would be better if the lower was ‘normal’ though.

  9. Lawrence says:

    Its still got that evil detachable “ammo clip” though. 😉

    • Bobbydavro says:

      Where is the release catch ???

      • Yankee Doodle says:

        If you knew anything about AR weapons you’d know that the mag release was on the other side.

        • kp says:

          He’s talking about the bolt catch.

        • kp says:

          Or maybe not. Sorry, didn’t read on context. Limited screen space on my phone

        • Bobbydavro says:

          Yeah but you can normaly see the offside protrusion and it’s further down the magwell

          • Bobbydavro says:

            See Diemarco c8 sfw 18 mm below where the upper and lower receiver join in the mag release catch VISABLE ON BOTH SIDES

        • Bobbydavro says:

          Dumbass Yankee lol

          • SSD says:

            I read what you posted, what he said, and what you’ve posted in response. He snidely answered your question. I can see the mag release on the photo I took, but the button is in fact on the other side as in standard Stoner-style weapons. I’d say you owe the man an apology.

  10. Bobbydavro says:

    I asked a question he tried to big it the C8’s LMT308 marksman and HK416/417 variants that I have have protrusion offside no I won’t be apologising although you made me dig and learn about more of the stoner weapons and the only examples I could find without this feature are AR18 (stamped steel) and stoner 63 (stamped steel) what others are there???? As all AR weapons with forged reiceivers I found (military standard) not obscure custom weapons had this feature

    • SSD says:

      You should really apologize. It’s something a gentleman does when he is wrong. Unless of course, you aren’t a gentleman.

  11. Bobbydavro says:

    How does the mag lock in as the hole where the detent fits is on the left of the mag which is why I thought the latch had to come out of the left of the weapon

  12. Scott S. says:

    Is that as powerful as “The Bushmaster” I hear them talking about on ABC ?