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What Do Ya Know, We Were Right – Joseph Teti to Co-host Discovery Channel’s “Dual Survival”

Back in July we predicted that Joe Teti would be the new co-host for Discovery Channel’s “Dual Survival.” Turns out, we were right. Look for the premier of the new season on 1 January.

It’s well known in the prepper community that the Discovery Channel series hit a pregnant pause as the show looked for a replacement for Dave Canterbury. Old pro Cody Lundin has remained with the show but folks have been scratching their heads wondering who the new co-star would be. Well, we think we have it figured out.

We believe that the new co-host for season three of Discovery Channel’s “Dual Survival” is Joe Teti who is a Veteran of the US Marines, Army Special Forces and OGA. Joseph Teti is also the director of International Security Consultants.

Season three of “Dual Survival” has wrapped up.


Here is Discovery Channel’s bio of Joseph Teti:

Joseph Teti is a veteran of both US military and US government special operations units. He is a former Force Recon Marine, Army Special Forces “Green Beret”, and a former operator in a highly classified government counter-terrorist unit.

He is a combat veteran of both OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom) in Iraq, and OEF (Operation Enduring Freedom) in Afghanistan. He planned and conducted a broad range of special operations missions covering the entire operational continuum. These missions gave the President of the United States an option when overt military and / or diplomatic actions were not viable or politically feasible. Operations of this nature required rapid response with surgical application of a wide variety of unique skills, while maintaining the lowest possible profile of U.S. involvement. He has participated in numerous classified direct action missions with several Tier 1 SMU’s (Special Mission Units).

Joseph has performed high-risk PSD (Personal Security Detail) operations in Afghanistan and Iraq for U.S. government and civilian clients. He was also a member of a U.S. State Department close protection team assigned to several high profile government officials and visiting diplomats in Israel. Working out of the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv, and the U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem, he operated in high-risk areas throughout the country to include Ramallah, Abu Dis, Jericho, The Gaza Strip and the West Bank. He has extensive experience and training in fully armored vehicle operations, advance team operations, motorcade operations, CAT (Counter Assault Team) operations and surveillance / counter surveillance operations.

A graduate of over 30 formal schools in regards to special operations, his skill sets and experiences are highly diverse. He has attended several survival schools over his career and is one of a few individuals in the world that hold an instructor certification in tactical tracking operations from legendary tracker and former Rhodesian SAS (Special Air Service), and Selous Scout, David Scott-Donelan.

He has held a TOP SECRET-SCI with polygraph security clearance, the highest security clearance awarded by the U.S. government.

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16 Responses to “What Do Ya Know, We Were Right – Joseph Teti to Co-host Discovery Channel’s “Dual Survival””

  1. mark reed says:

    WOW!!! good job n good luck!

  2. Iraq Ninja says:

    Good to see a vetted replacement. David’s mistake, among many was claiming to be Airborne and a Ranger.


  3. Hubb says:

    This guy is no Ryan Seacrest! I don’t see how he is qualified to host a TV show.

    • SSD says:

      Probably because he knows his stuff

      • Hubb says:

        Dearest SSD, My original post was meant to be sarcastic. Joseph Teti is totally qualified to host American Idol.

    • GYSGT B. says:

      Who the F cares about Ryan Seacrest.?As for the people here who said “he was only a contractor”. Yeah so? Where did you turds serve? What schools did you attend? Contractors got shot at. While in Hilla Iraq, we picked up dead contractors. Where did you fobbits serve?
      IF he attended Ranger School, DID serve in Combat, but then later came back as a contractor, that’s ok with me. Does he know his S#IT? I think so.
      People who are complaining now, are a bunch of phucking R.E.M.F.s. Don’t know the term? THEN you probably are one. I watched him on his range, shooting. He knows what he’s doing. I watched him doing his field craft, Its technically sound. (he’s no Bear Grillis).
      I trained with Navy Seals during Amphibious School at Coronado. DID I say I was a Navy Seal? NO. Same goes for Teti. HE didn’t make statements that are violations of the UCMJ.

      • Guy says:

        Your defense that he can shoot on the range impresses me little…

        What Joe Teti lacks is self awareness and judgement.

        For his part, he is perfect for Hollywood or reality TV. He will excel in a market that values image over character. Self promotion over service.

        Enjoy the show.

      • Donna M says:

        Amen to you!

  4. Guy says:

    Wait a minute….

    “He is a combat veteran of both OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom) in Iraq, and OEF (Operation Enduring Freedom) in Afghanistan”

    Contractors ARE not Veterans!

    • Brian says:

      Did you read the article? My guess is no.

      • Guy says:

        I read the article.

        I know Joe Teti and I also his entire experience after September 11th was as a private contractor. OUT OF UNIFORMED SERVICE

        He was in the Armed Service prior to September 11th hence prior to both OEF and OIF.

        His resume is inflated and combat experience limited.

        But like I said Contractors are NOT Veterans, regardless of who they work for. If you want me to break down the differences I can easily do it.

        • GYSGT B. says:

          Contractors do a different job, true. BUT at least they don’t have to deal with Dumb ass 2nd Lieutenants, and ticket punching Captains who write themselves up for Bronze Stars with V for showing up AFTER a firefight.

  5. Q says:

    He was never in the Gaza Strip. He never worked out of Tel Aviv. There are only two Tier 1 Units, so he could not have “worked” with several of them. What kind of work exactly did he do for them, clean the crappers? This bio is Bull! He did not plan and conduct a broad range of SO misssions covering the entire operational continuum. Ask him what the “entire continuum” of SOF missions are? Total garbage from a wannabee!

  6. Donna M says:

    Joe Teti is the best thing to happen to the entire network! Love him!!!

  7. JW says:

    I loved the first series and I believe I love this new series even more! I wish it were a trio of Dave,Cody, and Joe! These guys all have a special set of skills that alot of us can learn from, further more as a guy its my favorite show on T.V. Please keep this show running!!

  8. Dude says:

    “He has held a TOP SECRET-SCI with polygraph security clearance, the highest security clearance awarded by the U.S. government.”

    The highest! Holy smokes! Not even the president knows as much top-secret stuff as Joe Teti!