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Raine Inc Unveils Black Line Logo


Check out the new Black line of products at


8 Responses to “Raine Inc Unveils Black Line Logo”

  1. D says:

    That plate carrier looks familiar. I can’t remember who made it though.

  2. D says:

    That plate carrier looks familiar. I can’t remember who made it though.

  3. Haji says:

    Originally marketed by Tactical Revolution. Same designer who’s now heading up Raine’s nylon division.

  4. D says:

    That’s who it is. Good for him (and us). I was wondering what happened with that company.

  5. Hank says:

    So, I have to ask… Is this new line also being made by prisoner labor? (Slave labor is alive and well in the USA.) Many people don’t know that while it’s illegal to import products made with forced labor in China, somehow it’s still legal for domestic companies to use prisoners to take away jobs from the honest, law-abiding citizens in the USA. (All for lower costs.) Unfortunately, Raine isn’t known for building quality. Is there a connection between prison labor and low quality products? I think so.

    What do others think? Should they be able to claim MADE IN USA if it’s being made with slave labor?

    *The Huffington Post had a good article about Prison Labor earlier this month.

    • Will says:

      Raine Inc. BLACK products are produced in the United States by Americans at prevailing wages and benefits. No product is produced at levels below prevailing wages and benefits. Raine takes great pride in our employees and vendors, many of which have worked with us for decades. All the employees of Raine have a deep sense of social responsibility to our community and to our customers.

  6. Basement Warrior says:

    Well look at the bright side it may come with a free field tested prison shank built in!