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Mystery Ranch Sling Pocket

Perfect for smart phones, sunglasses, bars, and gu, the new Sling Pocket attaches via velcro to any piece of webbing ranging from 1″ to 2″ inches.


Available in Black, Coyote, Foliage and MultiCam.


9 Responses to “Mystery Ranch Sling Pocket”

  1. JM says:

    I just picked up a Snapdragon — what a great pack! Love the fit system!

  2. Elvis says:

    hi where I can buy this bag and not have more pictures ? ?

  3. Husky says:

    WTF $45 for Sling Pocket and over $10 for shipping! Are you guys nuts!

  4. m5 says:

    Made in the USA is expensive (Berry), and more so when high quality standards are adhered to. Besides, it’s a market economy out there, supply and demand, and all that. I guess you might find something similar made in SE Asia for a fraction of the price.

    What strikes me here is that the pocket might seriously interfere with shouldering the gun. Well, I guess off-hand shooting wearing a big pack is a marginal issue. Just make sure that you get your pocket with correct handiness, i.e. made for the left-hand shoulder strap for the most of us, and the pocket for the right-hand strap shown in the pic above for leftie shooters.

    Personally I don’t want anything to be strapped to the shoulder straps of a heavily loaded pack, as it’ll end up an extra annoyance when struggling to shoulder the pack. Not an issue with a lighter pack though.

  5. Lindy762 says:

    Looks like MR showing their recreational side here. This has VERY little tactical use that I can see. It would interfere with almost everything, degrade weapon manipulation and when you had to doff the pack, you’d lose use of whatever thing you had in there. From them, I’m sure it is high-quality and well-made, though.

  6. Husky says:

    $45 for a tiny pouch? it’s not BERRY it’s GOLD compliance!
    the backpack is $3/400 rang that’s fine but accessory pouch $45 …MR you out of your mind!…

  7. Husky says:

    MR also has very lousy shipping charge…other manufacture like LBT offer free shipping better customer service ….MR also very mean and rude to their customer….that’s my personal experience! I won’t support such company! I bought something from LBT recently their customer service is very friendly! ..answer my question! Love them same to the old Eagle Industries!….They both made in USA!