Troy Industries Issues Statement Regarding Dick’s Sporting Goods Suspension of MSR Sales

Troy Industries issued this statement earlier today regarding the decision by big box store Dick’s Sporting Goods to abruptly suspend sales of Modern Sporting Rifles after the tragic shooting in Newtown, CT earlier this month.

Troy Defense (Troy), a division a Troy Industries, Inc., was deeply dismayed and shocked to hear through national media outlets that Dick’s Sporting Goods (DSG) made the decision to stop selling the Troy Carbine along with other modern sporting rifles. DSG did not contact or inform Troy of this decision prior to notifying the public. Nor was Troy informed by DSG that cancellation letters were being sent to customers, set to arrive on Christmas Eve (a day Troy was closed).

Troy has invested millions of dollars in its facility and operations to bring its first ever modern sporting rifle to the market under an exclusive contract with DSG. In selecting DSG as the sole distributor of the Troy Carbine, Troy relied on DSG’s high sales forecasts and sales potential prior to undertaking the significant financial and corporate commitment necessary to design, develop, manufacture and bring a new modern sporting rifle to the marketplace. Based on DSG’s press release, DSG’s anti-gun stance is clear – DSG will not continue modern sporting rifle sales and Troy will sadly not see its Carbine readily available — despite the outlay of millions of dollars by Troy and its commitment to support DSG in its distribution efforts.

Troy is currently researching other channels to ensure continuous and consistent distribution for its rifles. But please note, Troy’s pricing to DSG was based upon volume sales. It is unlikely that pricing to any other outlet in the future will support the pricing granted to DSG. Troy understands the anger of certain DSG customers whose purchases have been cancelled – you got a great price from DSG. However, Troy, itself, cannot come anywhere close to offering the Carbine at the price DSG was offering it. DSG devalued and diluted Troy’s brand when it offered for sale the Carbine at a steeply discounted price during Thanksgiving week. As a result of the sale price set by DSG, DSG oversold and overpromised its inventory. Nonetheless, the current ill-will could have been avoided had DSG not terminated modern sporting rifle sales, promptly canceled overpromised orders, and forthrightly communicated with Troy.

Troy is hopeful that it will soon identify a new distribution channel for its Carbine. We ask for your patience and support during this difficult and transitory time.

Best regards,

Stephen Troy
CEO & Founder
The Troy Group


30 Responses to “Troy Industries Issues Statement Regarding Dick’s Sporting Goods Suspension of MSR Sales”

  1. Scott Stanton says:

    I am amazed this messed up a relationship with your company. Your product is unparalleled. I own and use many of your products. Best of luck. I will get my next Troy rifle soon. Keep us informed.

  2. Corbin says:

    I purchased one of these Carbines about a month ago as my first AR15, I’m ashamed that Dick’s pulled them and all “MSR”s (As well as their accessories) from their stocking. It’s a shame that they didn’t take the time to Notify Troy in the process as well. Dick’s, has lost my money.

    Hopefully Troy can get this rifle on the market again soon, it seems to be a great gun so far.

  3. Sketchy_Endeavor says:

    Ah man, that’s a buzzkill. All of my family members and friends sure did enjoy shopping at Dick’s. Even worse, there’s so many people that I will have to inform of this and I’m sure they liked to shop there too. Oh well, I guess we all will be giving our money to a competing store at every single opportunity.

  4. J.D says:

    Worst part is that it’s all for nothing. It was reported today that Adam Lanza had 4 handguns inside the school. He never took the AR in.

  5. Sol says:

    i went to Troy’s site and i saw that they have pre and post ban AR’s out. is that a typo or something i might have missed before or is it a response to recent events? if this is new then SCREW troy forever. they’re giving up before the fight has begun.

    • SSD says:

      Sol, you need to do a little research. There are areas where consumers cannot purchase weapons unless they are in Ban-configuration.

      • Bravo Bravo says:

        Stationed in Germany and all my gun guys state side failed me.

      • Sol says:

        i like you SSD but you’re playing with words here and you know it. you just lost credibility with that statement. really? do research? who do you think you’re talking to? i know guns. i train. i follow the issues. everyone else indicates that they have a California or New York complaint weapon.


        climb down off your horse and feel free to ban me. you’re being a jackass with that statement and you know it.

        • SSD says:

          Whatever it is you are on you need to put down. You are way too worked up. If you think you’re going to find some conspiracy at work at Troy you are wrong. According to the DiFi documents there won’t be any post-13 ban weapons.

          No need to ban you, you are doing a great job of showing your ass on your own.

          • Sol says:

            i’m on nothing cowboy. you tell me to research when they put on the site that they have pre and post ban weapons? i ask if this is new and instead of responding you come back with that?

            I have trouble talking to people like a normal person. Sorry for troubling you sir…

  6. Roy says:

    Weapon Outfitters will gladly step up to the plate!

    With Net 270 terms of course 😉

  7. Brad says:

    One word… CABELAS! Strike a deal with them Troy! I won’t give DSG the time of day.

    • Joe says:

      Or Gander Mountain. I’m surprised that Dick’s, who have a 4 page full spread of advertising in the local newspaper, with at least 2 pages devoted to guns, hunting, or competitive shooting, would take a stand like this.

      Sorry, DSG, if I had intended to come in and buy anything from you, it’s gone out the door along with your commitment to Troy Industries.

  8. Beaster says:

    I was once a sponsored action sports athlete (not gun related) by DSG. I’ve signed many autographs in their midwest stores… I will never buy from Dick Sporting Goods again… The subtext in all this 2A discussion looks to potentially set a precedent for changing and/or abolishing the entire Bill of Rights. Give them and inch and they destroy the entire document. Any company supporting such steps to tyranny will be boycotted by myself and tho’s within my sphere of influence.

  9. Haji says:

    RSR Group has need of EBR’s. I would bet they’ll take everything that Penis’s Sporting Goods had planned and more.

  10. Juan Bravo says:

    Wow, Great letter from Troy Industries, a true leader in the industry. And Argee on the Cablea’s recommendation…

  11. Steve says:

    None of this will matter if the newly released bill from senator diane is passed, contact your reps and let them know to not support her bill

  12. Mitchell says:

    As a manufacturer never have all your eggs in one basket regarding distribution, gives distribution company way too much control of your business and you and your employees livelihood

  13. Mitchell says:

    NBC Today news report re Lanza handguns and altercation at school four days before

    I just watched this, wow! Thanks for link Sara

    Bushmaster not being used and left in car was reported on day of murders, but then story some how changed to it being part of murders…….

    It’s despicable to me that politicians and news outlets would take a horrific event and twist facts to fit their agenda on AWB

    Still don’t understand part about Lanza having altercation with staff at this school four days before??

  14. Dan says:

    Doesn’t surprise me. I worked for DSG for awhile and that move does not surprise me in the least. The majority of their profit does not come from guns and ammo.

  15. MarkM says:

    In other words, Dick’s is living up to it’s monicker in how it is handling the whole issue. 🙂

    If they are going it institute a self-ban on sales, who am I to disagree? Fortunately, there are none around here, so I won’t miss it when they fall short of sales goals, can’t expand into the market, and then get ignored by sportsmen locally. When I do shop in Tulsa or elsewhere, I’ll remember to not stop by.

    Likely, many of you will, too.

  16. Willis Bee says:

    Dick’s Sporting Goods still hung on to some backbone to keep selling those “kid friendly” zombie killer gun kits. You know the ones- automatic firing toy gus that produce brain ooze and guts upon impact with target. Dick’s sure wouldn’t want junior to not have his M4 splatter gun under the Christmas tree, perhaps missing a revenue opportunity. No…Dick’s wanted to be the first retailer to publicly stick it to the gun industry. I’ll never shop there again. This shouldn’t surprise anyone — Dick’s is a big supplier of Columbia outerwear, which has a big “no gun” record of their own. Finally, a store living up to it’s name.