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“Son of ALICE” Ruck from SpecOpShop

SpecOpShop,LLC and Down East Inc have teamed up to bring you the “Son Of Alice” ruck.

According to SpecOpShop, their new Son of ALICE is just like its momma, only hopped up on pockets. They’ve taken the classic ALICE design and modernized it, utilizing the Down East Airborne Assault 1606 frame.

It features 11 body zippered pockets and 2 Slot pockets for toolage. The hydration pocket holds 2 X 100 oz bladders and there is also an interior Radio pouch as well as 2 *Plus* pockets. The upper exterior pocket has 2 interior pouches and the lid is elasticized for a snug and weatherproof closure to main body. The main opening also incorporates a storm skirt for overload capacity and weatherproofing. Overall, the SOA includes 3 grab handles. The shoulder straps and sternum strap utilize ITW Snap-Dragons. They’ve even included 10 Accessory web strips for ALICE clips & pockets.

main body: 3500 in3 + pockets:
2000 in3 (pockets)
Weight: 8 lb. 6 Oz.
Material: 500D Cordura, body & reinforcements 400D Packcloth, extensions & linings

The SOA will be available immediately in Crye MultiCam, Pencott Series of Camo patterns and solid colors such as Ranger Green and Coyote Tan.

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20 Responses to ““Son of ALICE” Ruck from SpecOpShop”

  1. joe says:

    When I carried it it was the CSM Mountain Ruck. Damn good pack, far superior to any ALICE ruck, ILBE, etc for the purpose.

  2. Mike says:

    The SOA has been on Downeast’s website for a while. Glad to see its finally becoming available.

  3. Aaron says:

    I’m not a fan of the down east frame

  4. majrod says:

    It looks cool but it looks like it carries more than the large alice. Given today’s continuing propensity to overload the grunt that’s not a good thing.

  5. Howdy says:

    I’m a fan of the strength of the downeast frame, no more worrying about popping a rivet. But it just flexes too much for me to be happy with. When I move at a good clip with weight I tend to get a good rhythmic bounce. Ended up pretty comfortable with a nice frame.

  6. Iain says:

    How does SpecOpShop match up to CSM Gear in terms of service and quality? I’ve been eyeing the CSM pack for a year now, however the SOA from SpecOpShop has thrown a cat amongst the pigeons!

  7. Danny SpecOpShop says:

    We know. That’s been allowed.


  8. IW says:

    Danny, I’m not sure I understand the comments made with ref. The CSM Mountain Ruck. I’ve sent you an email with some questions.


  9. Angry Misha says:

    It looks like an amalgam of the USMC Pack and the TAG Ruck issued at BRC.

  10. Angry Misha says:

    However, for $325.00 it’s a good deal IMO. What’re the USMC Packs going for, $725.00?

    Is this thing using domestic or offshore material?

    • Danny SpecOpShop says:

      Angry Misha. When the 1606 frame first came out it was used in conjunction with the ruck used by the USMC. The ruck is actually $425.00. CSM has not sold a ruck in two years as it has been not officially released until this date with SSD. Currently this ruck is proprietary of SpecOpShop and expect to either see the change in price on CSM or the product taken off of their site.

      The material is all domestic.


      • Angry Misha says:

        Ummm Danny, I never mentioned CSM. I mentioned “TAG” aka “Tactical Assault Gear”. And the reason TAG has not sold a Ruck to Recon School in two years is because they last. So, are you saying that a shorter service life is better?

  11. Dave the Rave says:

    Nice looking pack – the old ALICE packs were attractive. One thing that I would change, and something that I do on my packs, is to try to keep from getting so far away from the back; instead, go vertical. Moment, or torque, increases with distance. So a 5 lb object will feel heavier on the shoulders if it is packed 24 inches away from your shoulders than if it is packed 4 inches away. To keep things vertical, when I need more space, I use a spray-painted JSLIST bag on top of my pack. The JSLIST bag can hold a lot but still rides below the helmet.