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Coming 2013 from Warrior Wound Care


Wound Nutralizer from Warrior Wound Care. Coming 2013.


6 Responses to “Coming 2013 from Warrior Wound Care”

  1. mike says:

    Yes, please. Great additional to a medical kit. I wonder if these will be in tough bottles that will resist the stresses of deployment?

  2. What is it, actually? I.E. what are the active ingredients, and what is the science behind them?
    Warrior Wound Care has been seriously lacking in this department in the past. It would be nice to see them turn this around and deliver a useful product that is more than snake oil, and better than something users can compound themselves. I will not be holding my breath.

  3. K.L. Davis says:

    We will have much more product info after the new product release this week – and a total overhaul of our website; but for now, here is some info about Wound Nutrilyzer:

    Wound Nutrilyzer is a simple spray on formula that provides Essential Amino Acids, Vitamins, Trace Minerals and Electrolytes directly to the wound site, to help repair and speed the healing of minor wounds.

    The active ingredient in Wound Nutrilyzer is a cosmeceutical called Amino-Plex; we first learned about it after extensive testing by the US Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense (Aberdeen), where Amino-Plex was tested in the treatment of cutaneous Sulfur Mustard burns – this testing showed positive results for the treatment of injuries from Chemical Agents that might be encountered on the battlefield.

    We worked closely with the manufacturer of Amino-Plex to provide it in a simple spray bottle formula, that can be carried and used almost anywhere. Our personal experiences with Wound Nutrilyzer (as well as other third party experiences) have shown it to be very effective in treating minor wounds.

    Amino-Plex® is made up of:
    Natural amino acids
    Trace minerals
    Nucleotides & Nucleosides

    Amino-Plex has been tested extensively and the positive results are outlined in several studies. white papers, presentations, and publications. To include:

    U.S. Army – Sulfur Mustard Gas Burns/Journal or Toxicology Volume 163, Sep 2009

    Symposium for Advanced Wound Care – Dr. Michael Miller, Dallas TX Jul 2009

    11th Medical & Chemical Defense Conference – Bundeswehr Institute of Toxicology & Pharmacology, Munich Germany Apr 2008

    Medical Toxicology Branch U.S. Army, Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense, John Graham, PhD, DABT, Aberdeen Proving Grounds

    American Wound Care Assn – Presentation by Dr. Anthony Lorio, Director of Education, NY School of Podiatric Medicine, Apr 2010

    Shiroyama Hospital, Dermatology, Reiko Noborio, MD, PhD, Osaka Japan

    Optimization of Multiple Treatment Variables for Acute Wound Healing of Cutaneous Sulfur Mustard Injury, J.I. AZEKE, R.S. Stevenson, J.D. Boecker, R.F. Railer, R.R. Deckert, J.L. Devorak, H.L. Lumpkin, B.F. Doxzon, L.W. Mitcheltree, T.A. Hamilton, J.S. Graham, E.H. Braue, US Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense, Aberdeen Proving Ground MD

    Of course this is a partial list, there are many other studies and publications – as well as ongoing testing and studies that by their nature are classified.

    As always, if you have any questions about any of our products, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]


  4. Ian Wendt says:

    Could you actually provide links to PubMed or similar for those studies? I’m not getting direct hits anything useful other than a lot of “Well, it MIGHT be useful, but we didn’t actually test it ourselves” when I look around.