Massif Rocks!

Tactical Suitcase Raptor


To learn more about what might just be the perfection of raptor warfare technology, visit

thanks JC!

8 Responses to “Tactical Suitcase Raptor”

  1. kris says:

    how do i put my order in?

  2. Mike says:

    Raptors had feathers, he misspelled smuggled, and April Fools is still four months away.

  3. SC1911 says:

    Don’t raptors fall under the Feinstein ban? Their price tripled on Gunbroker in the last three weeks (NOT Colt, Noveske, LaRue LMT, Spikes, Seekins,Tactical 556).

  4. Killchain says:

    They’re available in Europe with the purchase of a man purse.(Murse)

  5. Kope says:

    This makes the trunk monkey obsolete.

  6. 404953C says:

    Most innovative use of bio warfare 2012 Award.