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Simplistic Shooting Solutions – QD Brake Shield for AAC Mounts


Weapon Outfitters has the QD Brake Shield for AAC Mounts by Simplistic Shooting Solutions in stock. If you’re running an SBR with a brake, the gun can be LOUD. Some like it that way, but not everyone at the range is going to appreciate your particular taste in noise. Use the QD Brake Shield when you don’t have a suppressor in place and it will direct the gases and noise forward, away from the shooter.


According to Weapon Outfitters, this mount is compatible with AAC suppressor mounts for 5.56, and 7.62/6.8/300 BLK. If your mount fits the M4-1000, M4-2000, 762-SD, or 762-SDN-6, then this device will fit your mount.

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8 Responses to “Simplistic Shooting Solutions – QD Brake Shield for AAC Mounts”

  1. JJ says:

    How is this not a suppressor? I would think the ATF would want to take a look at that.

    • Mike in Fort Worth says:

      It’s not a suppressor because it doesn’t suppress the noise or blast, it just forces it forward of the gun much like the Noveske brake does.

  2. Doug E. Doug says:

    Since I had this idea years ago, I’ll be accepting my royalty checks in the form of laurels and hearty handshakes. So glad someone has finally done this!

  3. reader says:

    this is a very simple idea, wonder why it took so long for some1 to think of it, i got this idea long time ago

  4. maresdesign says:

    This has the potential of a great base on which to build a Form 1 Suppressor.

  5. Scott says:

    So do you still have reduced recoil and muzzle rise when it’s attached to your brake?

  6. Roy says:

    I had initial concerns about this being classified as a suppressor part, but all it is, is a conical steel piece that helps redirect expanding propellant gasses and concussion.

    Don’t really see how it could be possibly construed as a suppressor, but have advised Simplistic Shooting Solutions about the existence of such concerns.

  7. m5 says:

    Suppressors, especially ‘reflex’ designs (see pic) tend to increase the fouling and heating up of the weapon, as some of the propellant gasses are reflected back into the barrel. This new thing has the advantage of not increasing the fouling and heating of the weapon, while spearing fellow shooters at the range from the blast directed to the sides by the typical muzzle brake. To me it seems that this shield thing should at least partially counter the effect of the brake, both in the good and the bad.

    I guess the shield is as easy to install as a suppressor, ie. very much unlike removing/reinstalling the brake.

    It seems that this blast shield is for training only, unlike muzzle brakes and suppressors. It fails at ‘Train as you fight – Fight as you train’, so perhaps it isn’t a good idea unless you’re fellow shooters (hunters?) at the range insist.

    Cutaway pic of a reflex suppressor by BR-tuote: