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Simplistic Shooting Solutions – QD Brake Shield for AAC Mounts

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013


Weapon Outfitters has the QD Brake Shield for AAC Mounts by Simplistic Shooting Solutions in stock. If you’re running an SBR with a brake, the gun can be LOUD. Some like it that way, but not everyone at the range is going to appreciate your particular taste in noise. Use the QD Brake Shield when you don’t have a suppressor in place and it will direct the gases and noise forward, away from the shooter.


According to Weapon Outfitters, this mount is compatible with AAC suppressor mounts for 5.56, and 7.62/6.8/300 BLK. If your mount fits the M4-1000, M4-2000, 762-SD, or 762-SDN-6, then this device will fit your mount.