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Raine Inc SHOT Show Preview

Raine Inc shared a couple of snaps of a new Micro Chest Rig that they will be unveiling at SHOT Show. It will be part of the new Black line of products and will be joined by a full-size variant at SHOT Show as well as a state of the art load carry system to follow in the coming months.

They’ve introduced laser cutting to these designs but told us that they can’t give out any details out about the material or the cuts, but that it is new and it’s not yet being used by anyone else in the industry.

I keep telling you guys, this isn’t the Raine Inc that you are used to. Visit Raine Inc at SHOT Show in Booth #20656 to learn more.


10 Responses to “Raine Inc SHOT Show Preview”

  1. bob says:

    Looks similar to the ULTRAcomp BFG is using. Pretty cool, looking forward to more details.

    • Will says:

      Bob, we arent’t the first to laser cut as we all know. Methods, patterns, and materials are the difference. Once we put all of this stuff out for full consumption you’ll see the striking differences. Thanks bro!

      • bob says:

        Thanks, Will. I definitely look forward to seeing the full details of the rig. My comment was really directed towards the material, which to me looks a lot like hypalon. Either way, laser-cut ultra light weight materials are awesome, and I’m glad to see you guys inovating. Progress is good for everyone. 🙂

  2. straps says:

    I’ll buy that Raine has upped their game.

    Hopefully this “Black” stuff becomes buy-able at some point…

    • Will says:

      Full stock of the majority will be available for purchase post SHOT Show. Stay tuned bro

  3. AC says:

    wow, Raine’s new Quick adjust sling looks nearly identical to the Savvy Sniper Quad line…

    • Will says:

      That is correct, we are working with Brian at Savvy Sniper in a number of capacities. They are a great company with very innovative weapon accessories. They will be out at the SHOT Show with us in our booth.

  4. Buckaroomedic says:

    Good ol’ Raine. I hope their new stuff works out. I’ve always like Raine, they always made all the “little stuff” that made a soldier’s life a little easier.

    • Will says:

      We still make all of those little things brother, trying to up the game a little in the process

  5. straightup says:

    Go Raine !! I knew you had it in you. Great job Will.