B5 Systems

HSP in Kryptek


Haley Strategic Partners is constantly evaluating new equipment. Here are some shots of them in Kryptek Highlander.


All vests are Velocity ULV. All guns are BCM. Photos were taken during the pilot course for HSP’s upcoming Disruptive Environments Mobile which is still in development but will launch later this year. It combines mobility and weapons manipulation into one package with civilian and military versions being deployed.



6 Responses to “HSP in Kryptek”

  1. albi says:

    Didn’t know that BCM is making M249. Nice 🙂

  2. Brian says:

    Looks like fun, But shooting a saw while a man is in front of line of fire and down range. You wouldn’t catch me standing there while someone is UN loading 20 feet in front of me. God forbid he is shooting and a snake comes up and bites him on his arm???

    • KT says:

      then dont get into any gunfights dude, thats probably the best way to avoid that…

      • Brandon says:

        Pretty much what KT said. I’m tired of seeing so many “range masters” sh!ting bricks over the thought of incorporating any type of bounding or fire and maneuver into a class. How the hell do they think the armed forces have been doing it this whole time, by magic? So many preach “training for the fight” in their strictly lateral methods of training, but what do they expect to happen when an extra good guy is thrown into the equation, thus allowing you to expand your sphere of movement?

  3. Doc says:

    Any idea what kind of vest that is?