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Kifaru to Debut New Packs at SHOT Show

Kifaru will debuting several new packs at SHOT Show including the Xing (pronounced zing) seen here.

– 22″ stays.
– 500d Cordura
– 16″ tall front panel vs 12″ for the Xray
– New contoured top pocket on the top lid


There are several other models on the way as well. All of the packs are pre-production prototypes and will not go into production until after SHOT Show. Full details can be found here: www.kifaruforums.net


3 Responses to “Kifaru to Debut New Packs at SHOT Show”

  1. straps says:

    One notable addition to the Kifaru line of interest to this audience is the integration of their “Armor Grip” suspension on their assault-sized “Omni” packs (Marauder, Zulu, etc.).

    Of the three packs “claiming” to be armor compatible that I’ve owned or used, my Kifaru AG is by far superior. It’s a large system (based on their Duplex Frame), however, and a bit large for the kind of maneuvering that many are doing in the field. The newer smaller profile, with TRUE armor compatibility, puts Kifaru in a position to meet a market that hasn’t been serviced properly in the entire decade we’ve been putting armored personnel on the battlefield.

    Full Disclosure: I troll the Kifaru boards but I am a customer who pays full price for their gear, waits in line like everyone else and has used it in the field for 8 years.

  2. Terry says:

    The new packs look pretty appealing so far, but I’m not super-keen on 500D construction.

  3. Ron Collins says:

    According to a post today on the forum, it’ll be available in 1000d. (I’ve been a customer since 1990 when I got my first Mountainsmith pack)