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SHOT Show – Eagle Industries

Eagle Industries is offering their new Modular Armor Carrier which is rapid releasable but not a cable cutaway system. Originally developed for a UK aircrew program the MAC will also be available in a non-FR version. It accepts BALCS cut armor panels and plates.


There are several distinct features but the most prominent are the horizontal and vertical PALS field, quick release shoulders for rapid donning and doffing and the ability to use Velcro on the cummerbund or ease of donning and doffing. Additionally, the MAC has the ability to accept 12 water sachets in the armor cavity. Additionally, it accepts a chest-style extraction harness.

Coming soon.


2 Responses to “SHOT Show – Eagle Industries”

  1. kraut says:

    Haha, the “horizontal and vertical PALS field”! Bingo!
    The German army IDZ program from early 2000s (infantryman of the future) and the standard IDZ vest, anybody heard of it?