ADS Inc. TV Presents 2013 Shot Show | Chris Costa Interview

Todd Askins talks with Chris Costa during the 2013 Shot Show. Chris gives gives his take on the industry and Shot Show.

8 Responses to “ADS Inc. TV Presents 2013 Shot Show | Chris Costa Interview”

  1. just my two cents says:

    Seriously stop interrupting Costa and let the man talk!

  2. .308 says:

    wow, brutal interview..

  3. destriate black says:

    Woooahhh….Last time I looked this is about the service person getting what they needed to do the job. Now we all know that to facilitate that, it means someone will make some money, but when the industry becomes some self fulfilling entity, its time to check. The end user should be the most important factor in this equation, so its not about who you can sign up to next years course, its about what the industry is producing to enable the law enforcer and operator to best fulfill his/her mission is what it should be about!!!

    • SSD says:

      I’m not sure what rock you’ve been living under but the Defense budget is drying up. Tactical Distributors is a retail affiliate of ADS Inc and Todd Askins who is the host of these ADS videos works for TD. As TD is a consumer based entity they have a relationship with Chris Costa.

      To sum all of this up for you, businesses exist to make money, it’s called Capitalism. It’s what our economy is based on. TD’s consumer base like Costa. TD is doing what it is supposed to be doing.

      I hope this clears up your misconceptions.

  4. Chris says:

    Unfortunately interrupting his interview partners seems to be his SOP. I’ve seen the interview with Stephen from blue force gear and he did the same thing there…

  5. Brendanw says:

    Battle of the beards

  6. Is this guy trying to out-beard Costa?

  7. Willis Bee says:

    You are all living in a fantasy land of self-promotion, i.e. look at me, my cool beard and serialized messages. How many cool guys do we need wearing cargo pants and untucked Columbia shirts…and now we got T.V. channle to let them spout off about how cool they are too. Did this dude (oops, sorry, Mr. Costa) really do a Facebook point to so we can see more of his coolness ? Profitability will decide who survives in this industry…not coolness.