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Tactical Fanboy SHOT Show Montage

This compilation video is from three different events during SHOT Show. Can anyone identify all of the weapons Fanboy got a crack at?


4 Responses to “Tactical Fanboy SHOT Show Montage”

  1. MK-EOD says:

    I don’t think he flipped his weapon to the side enough. And that shiny green jacket is NOT in one of the approved colors (coyote, Multicam, Ranger Green). “Tactical” indeed.


  2. Douchebag alert ^ says:

    Wow man, feel better about yourself?

    As for the guns, I see a carbine, then a couple of pistols, first looked like maybe a .45.. Then a 7.62 AR style gun, a 5.56 SBR, Glock, some kind of .22 knockoff of a StG44, suppressed carbine, Kriss, KSG, MP-5, and SAW. Sounds like he was getting some hits.

    What was the run down?

    • TF here!

      Here’s the video’s description for those who are curious to what guns were featured:

      With SHOT Show comes the opportunity to shoot firearms, and with the opportunity to shoot firearms comes an opportunity for a compilation video.

      Video was taken from three separate events.

      Firearms featured:

      0:01 – H&K MR556A1 (5.56)
      0:09 – Nighthawk Custom 1911 (.45 ACP)
      0:12 – SIG P220 (.45 ACP)
      0:24 – FERFRANS SOACR (.308)
      0:34 – FERFRANS SCW (5.56)
      0:48 – Glock 30S (.45 ACP)
      0:56 – GSG STG-44 (.22LR)
      1:05 – Daniel Defense DDM4 ISR (.300 BLK)
      1:12 – KRISS Vector (.45 ACP)
      1:28 – Kel-Tec KSG (12 gauge)
      1:47 – H&K MP5 (9mm)
      2:03 – US/FNH M249 (5.56)

      • MK-EOD says:

        Oh, relax. I read TF like every day. Just giving him some crap. I’ve been to SHOT before, too. There is a sort of uniform that’s appeared there: tactical pants, polo shirt (or a t-shirt that says “infidel”, “major league door kicker”, etc.), coyote brown hat, and a jacket in either Ranger Green, Multicam, or Coyote Brown.

        TF was being a rebel and not conforming. Good for him. Looking forward