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OR – PowerPot

We haven’t mentioned PowerPot since their Kickstarter campaign but when we ran into them here at OR Winter Market we had to give you an update. They’re a local Salt Lake City company and assemble the PowerPots right here in town. A standard kit comes with the Pot, light and charging tips. As long as your are applying heat to the Pot, the system produces up to 5w and charges your devices via USB. The secret to success is in the tips which include circuits that tell the device to draw the maximum amount of power from the Pot.


In addition to the PowerPot they’re working on a cool new item. This simple bar meter shows you how much power you are sending from the PowerPot to your device. They built this using a DIY 3D printer!


One thing I love about PowerPot is that almost everyone in the company are Eagle Scouts!


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One Response to “OR – PowerPot”

  1. James says:

    Right on… Fellow Eagle! When you have a good foundation… You will always have something solid to build on!