OR – Kupilka


Kupilka is a Finnish company that manufactures fiber-composite tableware. Specifically, the composite is wood fiber and polypropylene. While you can certainly use it at the dining room table, it is well suited for use while camping.

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3 Responses to “OR – Kupilka”

  1. Mr. European says:


    I see they provide some quality kuksas there.
    As for the cutlery, I think I’d stick to the GI LuHa. Then again, wooden/fiber cutlery won’t scrape any metal from a mess kit.

    • SSD says:

      But it might be legal in the UK.

      • Mr. European says:

        Practical concerns. The army LuHa (spork) was not recommended for anything else than extracting food from the mess kit. Something about the aluminum being scraped or shaved off when stirring anything inside a cooking pot or mess kit with a metal implement when preparing food. Twigs were preferred.

        I see no legal impediments for anything here.

        Foremost I’d like to know if this stuff is all that durable in the wild.
        Normally a kuksa (a mug carved from wood or burl) has a sturdy handle, but the mugs here have long and slender ones. Somehow it looks like they’d break rather easily.
        Same concern applies to the cutlery as well.

        This line of products looks lovely to have in one’s kitchen cupboard or table, but I question their suitability for the field beyond a friendly hunting trip at the cabin.

        Hmm… One store selling these seems to be close to Varusteleka (a camping gear and military surplus store), I might go and see how these look IRL when I pass by next time…