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Kayrank Helmet Rank System


Created by an Army Combat Veteran stationed at Ft Hood, the Kayrank Helmet Rank System is being crowdfunded by Indiegogo. By its own description, it is a military grade, durable, tactical device used to identify the rank of the individual wearing the Kevlar Helmet. The patented design is a rank device that snaps into the Night Vision Device (NVD) bracket on the Army Combat Helmet (ACH). The device can be easily removed when the NVD’s require reattachment.

So far, only Army ranks are available.

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45 Responses to “Kayrank Helmet Rank System”

  1. Mark says:

    perfect for the fobbit officer/staffNCO who has to always rely on paygrade to lead and never has to mount nods

  2. 2-BPM says:

    The answer to the problem that didn’t exist.

  3. Terry says:

    What the world really needs is more stuff that can be mounted onto a kevlar helmet. I think there might be a bit of blank space up the back somewhere that we could cram more velcro or another rail…

  4. Angry Misha says:

    A Fobit 1SG’s dream come true

  5. Martin Q says:

    I’m just waiting for all the POG comments to come in.

    • SSD says:

      I’m not even going to make a POG comment. Reality is bad enough. I’m just sitting back waiting until all of you guys who’ve never served in peace time get beat about the head and shoulders by the flaccid dick of the peacetime Army. You think the BS is high downrange right now? You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet puddin. Wait til you don’t have a mission or money to train with. They’ll probably bring back black boots so you guys have something to do.

      This guy will probably make a fortune because this thing will become mandatory.

  6. POG “flair”… Hilarious

  7. Ray says:

    SSD: we’re feeling the crunch now and i’m across the street. yep, good times to be had, that’s for sure.

  8. tdg says:

    the perfect gift for that hard to shop for military DORK!

  9. God Forbid someone just put their velcro backed rank on their admin pouch… wait, that would be too easy.

    Next step… rank specific reflective belts… oh yeah!

    Can you feel that love coming around the corner at the speed of a sprinting good idea fairy???

    • Adam says:

      Hold the fuck on, admin pouch? Who authorized that? It had better be in the same friggin doggone place as everyone elses.

  10. PbLead says:

    Caaaaan you say “sniper target”? I would say this is strictly for fobits. I refuse to wear rank and brassard when abroad.

  11. Mike says:

    Please don’t compare us Pogues with Fobbits… we are not the same, Pogues are the poor bastards who have to stay behind and make sure the shooters have the stuff they need to go forth and kill… Fobbits are the douche bags who deploy on Ops, do fuck all and get a medal, all while giving the shooters as much shit as possible.

    I’m a Pogue and I’m proud of it… and by the way I think these are a joke.

    • SFC Johns says:

      POG (People Other than Grunts). Of course you wouldn’t know that if you are a POG!!!

      • SSD says:

        That POG shit is something you young guys made up. It’s pogue. It always has been. Of course, you wouldn’t know if you were a pogue.

        • LosT says:

          There’s POG, then there’s POAG: Piece Of Army Garbage. Usually consists of the 92G variety, and most of the 68 series (with exception to 68W).

  12. Dave the Rave says:

    Next, this guy will probably give us a way to store a sandwich in your magazine well.

  13. Doc says:

    Great for those looking to get shot first and often!

  14. Paul says:

    Well…if I needed this to identify who is in my SQUAD or PLATOON I must be a fucking retard.

    • SSD says:

      You don’t wear rank on your uniform for the people that know you. It’s for the people that don’t.

      • Paul says:

        You’re right. The product still seems redundant. If I’m wearing my helmet, I probably have an ACS on, which has a spot for rank, I probably have my IOTV or SPC on, which as a spot for rank, or I have my ACU top on, which has a spot for rank. What situation or uniform would I find myself wearing an ACH without any other identifiable rank?

  15. SFC Johns says:

    I am not a POG or Fobbit, but I think that it would be a good idea for garrison. Seems like just about everyone has their rank in a different spot on their OTV/ IBA. Been in the Army for a long time and this is the first helmet that does not require rank (for most units).

    As for other posters who are talking about “I should already know the ranks of the guys in my team/section/platoon” it is not for your identification, but for Soldiers outside of your unit.

    • Mark says:

      Let’s make no mistake about it; this was created so that commissioned and staff wouldn’t mistakenly get treated like our E3s and below do in kit. Full Stop.

      Linking up with another unit in the dark? How about I keep my eyeballs outboard instead of on your kevlar, and you tell me “I’m the Commander of AB, the XO of CD, the 1st Sgt of EF” so you I don’t have to differentiate what mess of chevrons and rockers means what.

      And let’s just say I’m wearing one too. How exactly are you going to tell MY rank in the dark. Maybe I can run my fingers over your face and Kayrank and imagine a mental image. Sorry I can’t mount my nods, I’ve got some plastic piece of shit in the mount.

      • Wings says:

        He didnt say anything about in the dark. and if it was in the dark Im pretty sure you can just take the little thing out and mount your NODS.

        What i find funny on this comment section is all the “sniper” remarks. its subdued like anything else and if a sniper cant tell you’re in charge from a distance you are failing as a leader.

  16. Ron says:

    So THIS is what dipshit Major’s sit around doing all day. Glad someone was able to solve this nonexistent problem with so much ingenuity. I’m absolutely certain he was awarded a BSM for sitting on a FOB somewhere doodling this silly shit on on fucking napkin.

  17. Erin says:

    Way to go cock holster. The cure for people who have to have rank to get respect. Its already on your chest we dont need redundency.

    • Wings says:

      “we dont need redundancy” you are a no-go at this station. please start over again at AIT.

  18. Jon M says:

    I concur with SSD. I was in the army for only four years and two of them were in Iraq. 11B active duty. I have never served in a peace time military, but I know from my 4 years, as bad as the dog and pony show bullshit was then during war, I can imagine how bad it would be during peace time. There is nothing different between this and your name, rank, blood type and battle roster on your helmet band. Or the support units getting sew on rank above their rhino mount (even they even have one). And I am almost positive the velcro on the iotvs were meant for a flag not rank. Look at the size of the loop panel before the gen2’s came out. Though the iba/otv (newer ones with more rows of pals) did have a loop panel for rank. Stop whining because someone came up with an idea you didn’t and is probably going to make a ton of money off of it. Even if it is pogish. Now, where’s my damn pogey bate.

  19. Jon M says:

    Correction: if they even have one**

  20. Ken says:

    Whatever. I just wish can sew rank on pt gear.

  21. PB4549 says:

    Have you seen the NCOs that have sewn rank on their PT belts?

  22. cmac says:

    I happen to be a 1SG and yet something else worthless that I can envision being mandatory.
    A problem that never existed. Another thought that came to me was….this must be from a Fort Hood Soldier.

    • Deployed 4 life says:

      You’re a 1SG? So I guess you complained about having rank sewn on your Kevlar for the last 30+ years? No, you didn’t. Heres how it goes. We had our rank displayed on our Kevlar for the last 30+ years then we covered it with the NVG mount, now theres a way to display it again. Dont make this too difficult.

  23. MichaelBronson says:

    I believe this concept lacks tactical merit, does nothing to enhance Soldier Lethality or Soldier Survivability, and is aimed solely to make money for the individual. Issues with this concept are as follows:

    Lack Of System Versatility: Materiel solutions should be able to work across as many terrain and environmental solutions as possible, to include: bright light, low light, no light, rain, sleet, snow. This system only works in daylight due to the fact that it utilizes the NVG base plate, which in turn is required to mount NODS.

    Lack Of Camoflauge: This system, like far too many weapon systems carried on the battlefield, is painted black which is a target indicator. Camoflauge is a whole where the overall effect is the sum of its part. To be a viable, effective solution no colors not present in the AO palette can be in the overall composition of the Soldier.

    Target Reference Point: The base plate / kayrank device is an obvious target reference point for enemy marksmen to hold on, increasing risk to Soldier Survivability which is unacceptable.

    Fighting Load: This device is another item which will require it to be stored in a Soldier’s fighting load when not in use. Adding an item that does not increase lethality is in direct contravention of established doctrine regarding streamlining the Soldiers loadout in order for them to be a more maneuverable asset.

    More Efficient Means Of Communication: Link-Up & Consolidation TTP’s should be addressed prior to conducting combat operations to ensure rapid, efficient means of communication between elements. This can be accomplished via radio comms, verbal comms, and common sense / situational awareness. Not only are Soldiers responsive to where their Chain Of Command can be located, but ranks are prevalent on Plate Carriers / IOTV’s / Combat Shirts / Combat Uniform tops. An additional means of marking is unnecessary and an undue fiscal strain on the Unit.

    Recommendation: This is a solution to a problem that is best solved by critical thinking and basic Skill Level One Soldiering, not a materiel design. Do Not Field (DNF).

  24. Shakes23 says:

    To those of you who are saying this item is a target indicator……………..It’s the same damn color as the NOD’s mount and it’s smaller. If you want to complain about a target indicator, start bitching about the 3″ plate thats on your forehead. If that’s the case, go sign out a crown of thorns, mount your damn NOD’s and move out. I don’t think the inventor’s intent was to create a tactical tool, obviously carrying this with you on a raid wouldn’t be a priority. For those of you who have been promoted (or demoted) more than once in their career would know about having to remove and put everything back on just so you can get your rank sewn on.

    I think this is a great convenience item, some of you need to chill out and stop knocking the Major for actually trying to make something happen, instead of sitting back and playing Monday Morning QB with the rest of the Army’s items. Keep banging your chests with your Grunt, 11B talk…how many of you are wearing non-issued boots right now? I bet those Nike or New Balances feel pretty comfortable right now or how about your cool guy glasses and oakley gloves with plastic knuckles.

    Most of you don’t know what it’s like to not have a choice and I’m directing this at the “ACU” generation, go shine some damn boots and press your uniform, show some pride in what you’re wearing. If the boots didn’t meet Regs then you didn’t wear it and a 1SG or CSM could smell some hi-tec wearing f#ck from a mile away.