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Polymule Take 2

Thursday, March 29th, 2018

All-terrain carts remain a great way to move heavy and bulky loads in austere environments. The team behind the Polymule crowdfunding project has improved the product and reintroduced it on Indiegogo.


Polymule offers 20 inches of ground clearance, 400 lbs of payload capacity but the biggest improvement to the design is the introduction of uphill assist which keeps the wheels from rolling backward as you negotiate hills and obstacles.


Additionally, Polymule can be used as a rooftop carrier.

Available in Goldenrod, Desert Tan, and Moss Green.


The original design raised $25,000 in 30 days on Kickstarter. They just launched their new design and raised $26,000 in the first 18 hours on Indiegogo. Those interested in getting in on the project, visit www.indiegogo.com/projects/polymule-the-all-terrain-cart-with-uphill-assist-sports-innovation

Max Venom Product Group Launches Fast Fire Device for GLOCK! Crowdfunding Campaign on Indiegogo

Thursday, March 1st, 2018

Colin Despins of Max Venom Tactical has created an Indiegogo campaign for his latest invention, the Fast Fire Device for GLOCK!

The FFD-H is optimized for a GLOCK 17 or a full-size Lone Wolf frame. It can be installed or uninstalled from the host firearm in seconds and without any tools. But the real point is that it also allows for the handgun to achieve a full auto-like rate of fire. With legislation pending to ban bumpfire stocks and other, similar devices, Despins decided to launch the crowdfunding campaign sooner rather than later.

In addition to this video, they promise additional imagery of the device in action on their instagram page Max_Venom_Product_Group.

The last paragraph on the campaign’s webpage is pretty interesting:

Special Note – In no event shall Max Venom (MaxVenom.com), or any agents of Max Venom, be held liable for any damages resulting from the use or misuse of this product. By backing this project the user/purchaser agrees to hold harmless Max

Venom, indefinitely.

The campaign’s page is www.indiegogo.com/projects/fast-fire-device-for-glock.

Heat Experience– First ever fully zipped heated mid-layer pants

Thursday, February 16th, 2017

Heat on demand – Allows you to dress lightly when active while delivering heat on demand. No more changing sweaty clothes on those windy mountain tops!

Multi-purpose – Use as an outer or midlayer depending on your need.

More space – Removes the need for bringing heavy sweaters and frees up dearly needed space in your pack for extra food and gear.

First ever – Fully zipped heated mid-layer pants.


Indiegogo – Unity Tactical Baseplate for PMAGs

Friday, January 15th, 2016


Unity Tactical is well known for their specialized firearms accessories and they are funding their latest project via the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. This new replacement baseplate for PMAG magazines will provide visual and tactile feedback for the user to quickly and easily identify full magazines at a glance or with the swipe of a finger.


IndieGoGo – Heroes of Bragg Documentary

Monday, December 21st, 2015

FAYETTEVILLE, NC – December 18, 2015 – A new documentary film project was launched on IndieGoGo entitled, “Heroes of Bragg” that hopes to shine a light on soldiers who call Fort Bragg home.

“I’ve lived in Fayetteville now for close to ten years and in that time I’ve met so many unique individuals that it’s hard to keep track,” said film maker, Steve Sharp. “The one that stands out the most, happened not very long ago. I was with my daughter who is disabled and this soldier walks up to her and gets down on one knee while talking to her. He introduces himself and carries on a short conversation and during this time I was just so impressed…… And stunned. It wasn’t long after that, word came out that he was killed. I had only been around him maybe two or three times but I cried like I had known him twenty years or more. That’s when the idea started. Beit special forces, or front line infantry, these guys have some of the most amazing stories to tell and I want to help them tell it.”

Sharp, 42, hopes to raise a minimum of $10,000 to find the project. With this money, he plans on hiring a small, but experienced crew, to bring the project to life and give it the best chance for success. “I know ten-grand might seem low and the reality of it all is yes… It is low,” he explains. “My first go around with documentary film making I was so untrusting of a few of the production companies here that I made the HUGE mistake of going it alone. I had a goal of $10,000 but raised $17,000. Do I hope lighting strikes twice? Absolutely. I hope lighting, turns into a big bomb, and I have a budget that I need to hire someone to manage! If I could raise enough to hire someone like Gary Sinise or Mike Rowe to narrate it…. Wow. There has been so many films made in North Carolina over the past several years. This state is loaded with highly experienced people that know the ins and outs of film making so the more funding that is raised the better. I’m shooting for the moon here. ”

The hope is to find soldiers from different eras going as far back as possible who have served while stationed at Fort Bragg. Ideally, Steve explains that he would love to find someone who served in World War 2, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and the current War on Terror.

“To be able to sit down with soldiers from each of these eras and get their story would be amazing. I want to know about their lives before they decided to serve…. I want to explore their motivations for wanting to serve and hopefully get some good stories among it all,” he explains. “I’ve talked to a few soldiers I know, and all are eager to tell their story. Some won’t be able to because of their affiliation with various units but others are free and clear. Each person has their own motivation so variety is key. That’s why I’d love to find soldiers from different eras. “ He goes on, “There have been many documentary films made about soldiers and their experiences. To date, I don’t know of any that focuses exclusively on the Fort Bragg community. I want to change that.”

Heroes of Bragg – 2nd pitch video from Steven Sharp on Vimeo.

The information for fundraising can be found on IdieGoGo at www.indiegogo.com.

‘SALT – A Safe Gun For A Safe Home’ On Indiegogo

Saturday, October 31st, 2015


SALT is a project on Indiegogo for a non-lethal home defense weapon. Similar to a gas-powered airsoft pistol or paintball marker, SALT utilizes compressed air and fires pellets filled with a proprietary irritant designed to temporarily disable any would-be assailants. The rounds, which travel at 320 feet per second, are designed to produce a cloud of irritant 4 to 5 feet in diameter. Also, it features an underbarrel rail, so there’s always the option to attach a laser or light.


John Came Home On Indiegogo

Sunday, October 25th, 2015

John Came Home is a movie currently up for funding on Indiegogo by independent production company Robin Hood Pictures. The plot involves a 15-year MARSOC Veteran who returns to his home town in Georgia, who then begins to pursue the man who sexually assaulted his daughter, after he escapes police custody following a successful conviction. 50% of the proceeds from the project will go to benefit the Raider Project, a non-rofit organization with the goal of connecting with MARSOC and Reconnissance Veterans and helping them transition to the private sector.


Gadget Striker Control Device On Indiegogo

Friday, July 17th, 2015


The Gadget Striker Control Device is a drop-in part for striker-fired pistols designed to provide an added level of safety when holstering the weapon. The Gadget replaces the standard slide plate on the back of Glock pistols. When thumb pressure is applied to the Gadget it blocks the striker, blocking the trigger bar and preventing the trigger from being pulled.

The Gadget was inspired by the standard procedure of applying pressure on hammer-fired guns when holstering them. However, the Gadget is completely passive, and doesn’t interfere with the action of the pistol unless acted upon. Additionally, in the event Gadget becomes inoperable, the inner slide plate remains in place, which will allow the pistol to continue to function even if the Gadget doesn’t.

To see how the Gadget works, check out the video below: