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‘SALT – A Safe Gun For A Safe Home’ On Indiegogo


SALT is a project on Indiegogo for a non-lethal home defense weapon. Similar to a gas-powered airsoft pistol or paintball marker, SALT utilizes compressed air and fires pellets filled with a proprietary irritant designed to temporarily disable any would-be assailants. The rounds, which travel at 320 feet per second, are designed to produce a cloud of irritant 4 to 5 feet in diameter. Also, it features an underbarrel rail, so there’s always the option to attach a laser or light.



71 Responses to “‘SALT – A Safe Gun For A Safe Home’ On Indiegogo”

  1. Daniel says:

    I think this is just another attempt to repackage an old idea for a new market (people who don’t want firearms and think this will make them safer.) If products like this become mainstream, it will only be a matter of time for someone to attempt to use it for self defense and then get their shit rocked. What is more amusing is the fact that this happened:


    • Michael says:

      Great read and this is the best quote “These people refuse to deal with the simple fact that the only proven system for dealing with violent criminals is the accurate application of deadly force, and they have created a product to cater to their denial. I find in amusing that anti gunners try to discredit our sanity when thier denial of reality is what we consider insane.

      • RonDogg says:

        Liberal lunacy. These guys are out to make a buck with the hope that these alternatives to traditional guns will be the only legal means of “defense” that we can use. Watch for attempts to legislate this into law.

  2. Jon, OPT says:

    Interesting, anyone remember the old starter gun irritant rounds Parallax used to sell back in the 80’s? Slightly different concept, but pretty much the same vein as this.

    Jon, OPT

  3. Onegonz says:

    I prefer a little peppering of buckshot myself.

  4. P.J. says:

    This appears to be the exact same model that was sold by Tippman as the PG-7. As in they literally just changed the name on the side.

    • P.J. says:

      They also market is as a regular paintball gun as the TipX. Extended mags are available. So at best this new product is a proprietary pellet. How much you want to bet it hasn’t been tested against what’s already on the market?

    • Thomas 67 says:

      So Adam and Andy are the “creators” of salt … in the same way that Ahmed Mohamed from Texas created his clock. Good to know.

      Maybe Adam and Andy and their friends in the video, Adam and Steve will use this new gun of theirs to keep away any Chick-Fil-A eating, bearded duck hunters who might cross their path.

      • EzGoingKev says:

        Whoa whoa whoa – what is wrong with Chik-Fil-A?

        I like their chicken, waffle fries, and as fast food joints go their shakes.

        • Airborne_fister says:

          I believe Thomas was cracking a joke. As the liberals hate firearms, chick-fil-a, hobby lobby. He/she is just stating a fact that this toy will not do much. Hence the Adam and Steve. As in Adam and Eve.

  5. Daniel says:

    Just wait until some idiot decides to carry one of these things and tries to argue that it is more effective than 9mm.

  6. Back spin says:

    I don’t see how this is a serious solution for home defense. The person who created this idea is delusional. That projectile travelling over 300 feet per second can take an eye out which would constitute serious bodily injury.

  7. Back spin says:

    Watching that video, it’s clear those creators aren’t familiar with use-of-force issues, whether legal or practical. They say the projectile is filled with an incapacitating “toxin.” By definition toxin=poison. Yet they also recommend peppering the inside of your home with said incapacitating toxin if someone is outside trying to kick the door in.

    They are trying to replace teaching kids gun safety with a supposed non-dangerous gun. As if it’s acceptable to have a kid shoot their family member with this thing by accident.

    • Logan says:

      ^^^^^^^Damn right^^^^^^

      • neisty says:

        Not that i’m on their side, but Blood is considered equal with ‘toxic’ material… peppering your house with HIV and HEP… id rather pepper dust and CS powder… pretty sure these guys are using the ‘teenage slang’ version of the word toxic here because its almost as cool as this re-branded hipster’s Tool of self defense.

        • Back spin says:

          I’m sure that they didn’t actually put poison into those projectiles. However, word choice is important, especially from a legal/liability standpoint. Hence why flashbangs should be described as “bright and loud” NOT “blinding and deafening”.

  8. Vince says:

    PepperBall… Nothing revolutionary here. Been using it for years. Of course the target audience was for people in places like San Francisco, New York or Chicago who have been brainwashed into thinking guns are bad. Even anti-gun nuts are “up in arms” about this paintball gun. WTF are these people thinking? If you have to use deadly force to stop deadly force, not perpetuate it, we are probably all better off for removing that threat to the world anyways. There is no “sorry, I made a mistake. I’ll be better next time.”

    • Bill says:

      You said “target audience.” Snerk.

      The original full auto Pepperball guns were a hoot. Of course, experienced protestors and rioters soon learned to wear hard cups and “body armor” made out of magazines and newspapers and stuff, along with the usual bandannas and goggles.

      Somewhere I still have a marketing video showing PepperBall being used against brown bears at a garbage dump for adverse conditioning. I always hoped that there was a guy behind the shooter with a .458, but maybe the dude just had huge, clanging PepperBalls.

  9. Dave says:

    How about NO……

  10. Bill says:

    PepperBall called and wants it’s idea back, Phazzer also.

  11. "Bob" says:

    Shouldn’t this be categorized under WTF?
    I’ll take my 9mm every day.

  12. Logan says:

    As some have mentioned earlier, this isn’t new. However, I think the whole pepperball concept is still a viable LESS-LETHAL option. That said, if someone is breaking into my house, I don’t want to not a have LETHAL capability. No one knows the intruder’s intent except him/her, and he/she still doesn’t belong in my house. This might not even be effective on an intruder on some sort of stimulant as well. This could be used to supplement a gun if it is determined that the threat can be neutralized without deadly force, but as back spin said, that is not always legal, especially for non-LEOs. It is also not legal in California, and other anti-gun areas where there would be a larger clientele for this product. I think these guys mean well, but completely miss the point of self-defense. They’re probably engineers with no tactical background and therefore have no credibility in this arena. Lastly, it’s already been taken down by indiegogo, because it violated their dumb weapon policies.

    • Bill says:

      Your points are spot on, but just because I’m a picky prick, “less-lethal” is a dangerous phrase, because it implies that a device is in fact lethal. “Less-THAN-lethal” is preferred because it explicitly states that the device in not lethal. Unfortunately, even LTL devices can result in death or serious physical harm, particularly anything that launches a projectile, or be construed as a contributing factor to someone’s demise. TASER fights that battle all the time.

      • Back spin says:

        You’re wrong. Less Lethal is the correct term that encompasses a wide range of force options. you just said it yourself that “less than lethal” projectile weapons (like 37mm rubber batons) CAN cause death or SBI.

        It is less likely to be lethal if used in accordance with proper training and manufacture guidelines. However, I know of cases where suspects have ducked their heads into a “less lethal” impact weapon (like a baton).

        • Bill says:

          Not exactly. “Less-lethal” is still lethal, hence it cannot be used unless lethal force is legally justified. “Less than lethal” is not by design or standard use lethal, so the user doesn’t have to articulate the same level of necessity. People still die after the having LTL devices (note that not once have I referred to them as weapons) but that is a secondary effect of a lawfully applied technique that could not have reasonable been foreseen in each case by the user. A baton round correctly fired to ricochet off the ground or aimed at someones lower extremities at the appropriate range is by design and deployment less than lethal. If that person is suddenly pushed to the ground by another protestor and as a result is struck in the face and killed, it’s a secondary effect that the firer did not intend and could not have reasonably foreseen. As Jeb! would say, stuff happens.

          Plenty of people are killed by cars, but except in dire cases they aren’t considered lethal weapons. It’s also why lawyers in these cases start at 5 bills an hour. You don’t want to be on the stand trying to explain the difference between lethal and less lethal or dead and less dead.

      • GMK says:

        The term “occasionally lethal” is probably more accurate.

  13. Logan says:

    Plus, guns (except freaking muskets) haven’t used black powder since the late 1800s (they mentioned black powder when they said the projectile is propelled by CO2).

  14. Mike says:

    Less lethal should be used as and alternative to deadly force, but you should still have the deadly force readily available if the LL fails. L.E. usually requires lethal coverage when using LL. These dudes are clueless. I put OC on my eggs for breakfast!

  15. Kurt says:

    Awesome, cause I am SURE a motivated aggressor can’t fight thru this. There is no way to just keep fighting once this hits you.

    This reminds me of asinine pressure point control techniques taught to cops for use on an active aggressor.

  16. Bill says:

    Let’s not rush to judgement and think about this…ok that’s enough.

  17. Dan says:



  18. orly? says:

    Kimber Pepper Blaster and PX4 seem more economic.

  19. Amish says:

    My gay friends prefer .45 ACP

  20. SGT Rock says:

    Pathetic milquetoast urban dwelling hipsters trying to invent a “safe” firearm alternative. Fail.

    • Bill says:

      I’m sticking with my pet unicorn Rainbow. Rainbow will charge and gore any intruders to death. Then I just have to hose the blood off her silky white coat and give her some fresh oats laced with PCP.

    • RonDogg says:

      Yes, but it’s important to make sure you don’t injure a violent criminal who kicks in your door with the intent of killing you for your things.

  21. Rob Collins says:

    So, what happens if you shoot your gay friend with the whole magazine. I wanna see THAT video.

  22. Vince says:

    This is silly. Everyone knows salt is bad for your arteries! The surgeon general will issue a statement shortly.

  23. paul says:

    What about after you expel all your pepper rounds? You still have a bad guy in your house, and he’s most definitely pissed off. I guess you could sell a package deal with some zip ties…

    The worst part is them thinking that it’s ok to accidentally shoot a family member/friend/etc… with this gun instead of teaching gun safety.

    • KP says:

      There was a line about “intruders or curious children” in the advertisement. Classy. And stupid.

      Another problem is IF you gain compliance, you still need to close with the guy and cuff him and he’s presumably coughing in a cloud of noxious pepper spray that you have to enter and now the playing field is even again and you can have a mano-a-mano melee between two crying blind dudes.

      Best case scenario in the home defense use of this weapon is that the intruder runs away and rethinks his life, but the biggest problem with that is you have to rely on the good judgement of someone who just tried to cause you harm. Presumably SALT may make for an insane pepper spray replacement, but home defense? These guys are clueless.

    • Riceball says:

      Not to mention that it’s all black and still very gun looking so that if your kid takes it out and points at a cop they’re still probably going to get shot. These guys also perpetuate the myth that getting shot by a gun equals instant death, which is far from the truth and only happens to the bad guys on TV & in movies.

      One thing I noticed that’s missing in the video was any real test footage of it in action. Sure, they shot a volunteer and showed their reaction, but he was just standing there and not doing anything. What they should have shown was a volunteering rushing the shooter and show potential backers that a single shot will actually stop a determined attacker. In all likelihood, all it will do is just piss off the attacker and cause him to really go town on you when they reach you since I doubt that most people who would consider buying something like the SALT would get more than one shot off before the attacker is on top of them.

  24. EzGoingKev says:

    Get yourself a shotgun – its got good spread.

  25. mike says:

    I saw this story moments after it first went live and it hurt my head so much I haven’t been able to form a comment until just now. The big take away for me is that this tool with his “Twitter army” flocked to stop a less-than-lethal option to home intruders. I’m with S&S Precision on this one, 5.56=One Size Fits All, so I think this pepper ball gun is pretty lame. If, however, you are a rainbow hugs chasing wimp about the life of someone who breaks into your home with the ability/intent to do you harm, why would you want to interfere with someone trying to provide a less lethal option? Again, I stress that less lethal is not what I’d reach for, but if you claim to hate guns and what they do then why smack down an attempt to promote a less lethal option? Some people are so dedicated to stupid they just can’t help it, I guess.

    • KP says:

      The problem is clearly America’s obsession with guns. Therefore use pepper spray instead to deliver basically the same thing, at less range, with more potential for self harm, with more opportunity to have been hurt already by a would-be assailant, BUT it’s less like a gun. So therefore not evil.

  26. Santiago says:

    This supposed to be a “new” project?
    This is basically the Tippmann TPX paintball marker.

  27. jjj0309 says:

    For cops or CCW purpose? Maybe.
    For home defense? I don’t think so.

  28. Matt says:

    What will liberals come up with next? Skinnier jeans?

  29. Matt says:

    Sa-sa-SALT and Peppa’s here…..

  30. Agent_Orange says:

    Terrible idea. This is just a repackaged Tippmann TPX paintball pistol. They also do not address what happens when said pistol “chops” a ball instead of properly spitting it out (as a former paintballer of 15 years, I can attest that it happens frequently with a lot of paintball pistols). Bad news for the defender – especially if it’s a pepperball projectile; not the least of which, cleaning up such a mess would be a less than pleasant experience.

    • Airborne_fister says:

      Yea clea

      • Airborne_fister says:

        Sorry hit reply to fast. Trying to zoom in.

        But the cleaning up part woul be the worst. You not only would have to have a pepper spray sent on your vest and fedora. But if you have do bend over you might rip your skinny jeans

  31. Maskirovka says:

    The only suitable substitute for an implement of deadly force is some other implement of deadly force. Nobody has invented a magic, instant, free-range, organic, hormone free, child-safe freeze ray. Until that comes along, we are going to just have to rely on 147gr to the juice can.

  32. Airborne_fister says:

    Here’s the question. Would this thing come with a holster? And if so would it have to be an outside the waist? Since this thing would never fit inside a pair of skinny jeans or maybe it’s a shoulder holster. That only fits under your vest but uses your skinny tie to hold it down.

  33. Mike Nomad says:

    Good Grief. Don’t those people know that someone could lose an eye with that thing…

  34. Cap'n Mike says:

    I bet the Boston Police SWAT team will be all over this for crowd control.

    • Scott says:

      Why use 7 expensive “salt balls” out of a 7 round magazine fed budget grade paintball pistol, requiring reloading, when you could fire 20 balls a second out of a similarly priced paintball marker using whatever contracted pepperballs police organizations have already been using for years.

  35. RonDogg says:

    Just when you thought that liberals couldn’t get any crazier, along come these two idiots who promote the notion that it’s important not to injure or kill someone who is out to injure or kill you.
    Of course it’s important to show a gay couple and an interracial couple for some reason.
    This is pure liberal nonsense. Don’t be surprised if the next thing you hear about is these guys getting some politician to pass legislation to replace traditional weapons, because the most important thing is to save the life of a violent criminal.

  36. TomL says:

    As a certified LE firearms instructor I can say this is comedic in it’s assumptions, as no knowledge of the subject was present, and contains liability issues.
    They claimed incapacitation but the guy hit was not. He was slowed down and was not initially particularly motivated.
    It was comedic in that they’re talking about an intruder out side and to put ‘toxins’ all around him. How you going to do that from inside. Going outside to confront a violent subject is stupid.
    Pepper spray, balls, etc is only about 50% efficient on motivated subjects. That’s why police academies subject their cadets to exposure. To show them they can fight through it and how much their abilities are reduced while doing so.
    There’s a reason that use of pepper spray, Taser, and other non-lethal means are performed with other officers, with guns, as back up.