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IndieGoGo – Heroes of Bragg Documentary

FAYETTEVILLE, NC – December 18, 2015 – A new documentary film project was launched on IndieGoGo entitled, “Heroes of Bragg” that hopes to shine a light on soldiers who call Fort Bragg home.

“I’ve lived in Fayetteville now for close to ten years and in that time I’ve met so many unique individuals that it’s hard to keep track,” said film maker, Steve Sharp. “The one that stands out the most, happened not very long ago. I was with my daughter who is disabled and this soldier walks up to her and gets down on one knee while talking to her. He introduces himself and carries on a short conversation and during this time I was just so impressed…… And stunned. It wasn’t long after that, word came out that he was killed. I had only been around him maybe two or three times but I cried like I had known him twenty years or more. That’s when the idea started. Beit special forces, or front line infantry, these guys have some of the most amazing stories to tell and I want to help them tell it.”

Sharp, 42, hopes to raise a minimum of $10,000 to find the project. With this money, he plans on hiring a small, but experienced crew, to bring the project to life and give it the best chance for success. “I know ten-grand might seem low and the reality of it all is yes… It is low,” he explains. “My first go around with documentary film making I was so untrusting of a few of the production companies here that I made the HUGE mistake of going it alone. I had a goal of $10,000 but raised $17,000. Do I hope lighting strikes twice? Absolutely. I hope lighting, turns into a big bomb, and I have a budget that I need to hire someone to manage! If I could raise enough to hire someone like Gary Sinise or Mike Rowe to narrate it…. Wow. There has been so many films made in North Carolina over the past several years. This state is loaded with highly experienced people that know the ins and outs of film making so the more funding that is raised the better. I’m shooting for the moon here. ”

The hope is to find soldiers from different eras going as far back as possible who have served while stationed at Fort Bragg. Ideally, Steve explains that he would love to find someone who served in World War 2, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and the current War on Terror.

“To be able to sit down with soldiers from each of these eras and get their story would be amazing. I want to know about their lives before they decided to serve…. I want to explore their motivations for wanting to serve and hopefully get some good stories among it all,” he explains. “I’ve talked to a few soldiers I know, and all are eager to tell their story. Some won’t be able to because of their affiliation with various units but others are free and clear. Each person has their own motivation so variety is key. That’s why I’d love to find soldiers from different eras. “ He goes on, “There have been many documentary films made about soldiers and their experiences. To date, I don’t know of any that focuses exclusively on the Fort Bragg community. I want to change that.”

Heroes of Bragg – 2nd pitch video from Steven Sharp on Vimeo.

The information for fundraising can be found on IdieGoGo at


9 Responses to “IndieGoGo – Heroes of Bragg Documentary”

  1. Blane says:

    I can help! I was in the 82nd with Gary Sinise’s nephew and I’m more than sure we can help. Let me know

  2. bulldog76 says:

    ha i was born at bragg my father was with 618th during desert storm wonder if he would be interested

  3. WillT says:

    I am a bit confused by the shot of the Marine’s Iwo Jima Memorial at the 0:27 mark. What is the connection between the Marines and Ft Bragg?

    • Steve says:

      It is to demonstrate sacrifice that soldiers endure.

      I had to use the footage that I have access to. Since I haven’t started filming yet, public domain and stock footage is what I have to work with.

      Hope that answers your question

    • Vince says:

      Because….Marines. That’s why. Steve, that’s a touching story and a great motivator to remember our brothers from another mother. In my time I have met many soldiers from Bragg and have nothing but respect for them. They are professional warriors who take care of business. Inter-service rivalry aside, I would love to see this project come to fruition. These Soldiers need to be remembered. Best of luck.

      • Steve says:

        Thanks Vince

        If I can successfully get this one made, my next step is to try and do a Heroes of Jacksonville. If I could get both done and in festivals by the end of 2016 I would be thrilled!