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Mayflower Low-Vis E&R Bag


Mayflower knows how to build an E&R bag and now they’ve upped their game with the official release of their Low-Vis model. This grab and go bag looks like pretty much any mild mannered computer bag. But it’s designed specifically to carry the tools to get you safely out of Dodge and back home.


The main compartment will carry a 15″ screen lap top computer or smaller but it does so much more. In addition to a removable shoulder strap there is a fixed carrying handle as well as two external open top stash pouches and two external flat pouches that combined, are designed to discretely carry seven M4 or similar sized magazines. The top flap is designed to carry maps or other 8 1/2″ x 11″ documents in a zippered enclosure and also features a flip out velcro IFF panel for attaching flags, IR devices etc. Internally the Low-Vis E&R Bag is divided into one large pile velcro lined pocket and two small compartments with d-rings for securing essential equipment.


Made in the USA, the Low-Vis E&R Bag is available in these nondescript colors: Grey, Black, Dark Blue, Dark Green.



10 Responses to “Mayflower Low-Vis E&R Bag”

  1. guerrilla says:

    When I think low vis, I think of something commonly seen and doesn’t look out of place, not something no one else has.

  2. mike says:

    the bag looks generic, that’s what it’s supposed to do. It doesn’t have the company logo on it or have a very unique shape or color scheme like some bags from other companies. one of the shots looks like the strap is using an H&K-style clash hook, but otherwise this bag doesn’t have anything that jumps out and screams LOOK AT ME THERE’S GUN STUFF HERE.

    • SSD says:

      That’s the point now isn’t it?

      • guerrilla says:

        You mean this generic bag on SSD for the world to see as a “low vis E&R bag”?

        • mike says:

          yes, that’s exactly what I mean. as was stated elsewhere the average SSD reader isn’t in my range of daily threats and rarely is someone gear-enthusiastic going to be looking me over for gun stuff. this bag is to make the bad guys not notice you, the good guys probably still not notice you, and the every day person will still be as clueless as they always are (instead of screaming because someone has a pow-pow).

          as I stated above there’s nothing that calls attention to this bag. don’t get me wrong, I know what you mean. I’ve seen the 5.11 triangle bags in the wild and stared at the person carrying it trying to x-ray the bag with my eyes for an SBR, but this Mayflower boag doesn’t stand out like that. if you’re arguing that it’s not perfect you’re right. if you’re arguing that you’re going to immediately spot this in a crowd without scanning every bag I think you’re over-estimating your abilities.

  3. threeseven says:

    99% of people will see a generic grey bag as a generic grey bag. Do you consider SSD readers a particular threat in your occupation?

  4. Buckaroomedic says:

    Nice looking bag. I wouldn’t think it was packed with weapons and accessories. One question; what is an “E&R” bag? I know what an “E&E” bag is . . . I haven’t been out of the military THAT long.

    Question #2: will the mesh pockets, on the end of the bag, hold a standard one liter Nalgene? If so, I’ll get one.

    • Steve says:

      Buck, I recall the change from E&E to E&R (Escape and Recovery) at least as far back as the late 90s.

      • guerrilla says:

        Evasion and Recovery. To escape, you have to get captured first and they are going to keep your low-vis bag.

  5. Paul says:

    Looks good to me. I would probably sew (meaning at home, not have them do it) a brand logo/patch on it like Nike or North Face and no one would be the wiser.