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Prospecting Idaho – Season 3

Prospecting Idaho Season 3 – Full Movie put together for a local Film Festival in Sun Valley. Watch your favorite ski and snowboard athletes come together and ride in the coolest place in Idaho!

Shared with us by Smith Elite. Thanks guys!


12 Responses to “Prospecting Idaho – Season 3”

  1. Da Hui says:

    Sick video! The boys up in Idaho are killing it!

  2. AK says:

    makes me want to leave the office

  3. mArc' says:

    I really hope Torres is in this video. He’s a stud.

  4. Keyser Söze says:

    Amazing video!! Idaho is killing it! Thanks team elite!

  5. CP Hunts says:

    Smith is just on point period…. From tac glasses to snow gear they are leaps and bounds beyond the rest… Not to mention that video was RAD!!!!

  6. Don says:

    I really like what Smith Elite is doing. Videos aren’t about jamming product demos down my throat, it’s just nice lifestyle stuff. Great job!

  7. awesome says:

    another rad video from Smith

  8. BrianP says:

    Nice spot for some R&R

  9. Mathieu says:

    Thanks for the Sun Valley props from someone that was born there.

  10. Bluedevil says:

    Dont these people have to work? Or is this their job? I mean where does the money come from to feed them, get them drunk, and build those nice building? Some corp? Probably on dad’s dime…

    These guys are out there goofing around when the rest of us our working to provide from our family and I guarentee you everyone of them voted for Obama and wants to see tougher gun laws.

    This type of post is just funny coming from a soldiers site that is Pro Constitution! These young men on video our out their pounding their pud when we have equally young men DIEING in war. The guy’s in this video should feel proud that they are making their contribution…yea right.