Panteao Productions Introduces New Concealed Carry DVD

Make Ready with Matt Jacques

Panteao Productions introduces the first in a series of Make Ready videos from Matt Jacques.

When you make the decision to carry a firearm for self-defense it’s a good idea to have a solid foundation in the fundamentals. In this video Matt Jacques walks you through all the fundamentals of everyday carry in a step by step approach. Matt is a retired police officer and a Marine Corps veteran. He served with two Virginia law enforcement agencies as well as a Special Deputy of the US Marshal Capital Area Fugitive Task Force for the Washington DC area. Today Matt trains both law enforcement personnel and civilians under his company, Victory First.

In this video, Matt reviews the different handgun options and ancillary equipment, holsters and belts, carry positions, clearing a cover garment, cover garment modifications, the grip, draw, and presentation, loads and reloads, dealing with multiple targets, drills you should practice, and more.

The video will be available on DVD and online streaming by March 1st.

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4 Responses to “Panteao Productions Introduces New Concealed Carry DVD”

  1. Haji says:

    Glad to see this getting released. There are a whole lot of people that are getting CCW’s but that lack the information necessary to take the most advantage of it because they simply lack experience and access to information. This is a very strong step in the right direction.

  2. Borebrush says:

    I’ve known and worked with Matt for five years now… this will be a must watch.

    …shared on the z3ro solutions page


  3. Awesome! The more information that people can have about concealed carry, the better. So many new people are entering the gun carrier stage right now that getting this stuff out there is important, especially in Illinois where CCW weren’t permitted before (but it looks like they will be now). We’ll have to check this video out!