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Combat Flip Flops Update

AK Monday

Combat Flip Flops has domestic production up and running and just celebrated AK Monday, followed closely by Tuk Tuk Tuesday (and so on). This means that online inventories are updated and they will begin deliveries Mid-February.


3 Responses to “Combat Flip Flops Update”

  1. Scott B says:

    Hopefully I get my prize flip flops soon. Summer is coming.

  2. Simon Horobin says:

    In Australia they’d be called ‘combat thongs’ or ‘combat pluggers’! and in New Zealand they’d be called ‘combat Jambles’
    I’d have my pluggers in multicam if given the choice.

    • Adam Leddy says:

      Hey Simon… I thought It was Jandles… who can ever understand these Kiwis anyway!

      They would be nice, I think Griff is still looking for a distributer here in Australia