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Bawidamann Update – Art and Belts and Blades, Oh My

Bawidamann Blades

Bawidamann Blades will be releasing 7 knives for sale on Wednesday 2.13.13 AT 5PM (5pm OHIO USA EASTERN TIME ZONE).

3 Skulds. Finish: Tumbled?
4 Pogns. Finish: Patina Flats, Blasted Bevels, cracked earth tumble

Please DO NOT email with special requests in regards to the knives, especially if you did not move fast enough. THESE GO QUICK. EVERTHING SOLD WITHIN 26 MINUTES THE LAST TIME …You know the Drill. MADE IN USA by the Bawidamann Bros. *NOTICE: Knives will not ship until 2.18.13.

They’ve also got a cool one-of-a-kind art sale in progress.

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2 Responses to “Bawidamann Update – Art and Belts and Blades, Oh My”

  1. Andrew Lown says:

    No surprise the aforementioned blades were gone by 17:02. I have no idea what his production schedule is but to have no inventory available within 2 Mikes is frustrating. Yeah I know he only had seven blades available. I guess that’s good for him but not the best business model. I remember when you hammered Costa for not having the leg rig in adequate inventory. Costa listened and fixed the problem. Bawidamann knows they sell out instantly. Why not actually produce adequate inventory so we all have a reasonable chance to purchase same.

    • SSD says:

      Hand made knives are a little different than a nylon leg rig. Keep an eye on Bawidamann. They release knives regularly and I know they are sometimes offered up before hand to members of USN. I purchased mine at Blade Show so there is another option.