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HyperStealth to Offer Direct Ordering on Printed Deceptex Camouflage (560+ patterns) Fabric

We just received this note from Guy Cramer at HyperStealth. This is huge news for those wishing to produce custom gear with the Deceptex patterns.

We will be selling all 560+ Deceptex patterns on printed light weight 70/30 Poly/Cotton fabric (the cotton is predominant on the inside next to the skin) from our site within the next 2 weeks.

5 yard (x 60″ wide) minimum orders (enough to make a complete uniform)

Deceptex Inks will not work in the IR spectrum.
$17.00 CAD per yard (=$85.00 for 5 yards) + shipping (and taxes for Canadians)
Orders would be accepted in 5 yard increments.
Our dollar is currently right around par with the U.S.

I can’t control the cost or time delays with assembly so we are selling the printed fabric direct to the customer.

We will still be offering the completed Deceptex uniforms as we have been.

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2 Responses to “HyperStealth to Offer Direct Ordering on Printed Deceptex Camouflage (560+ patterns) Fabric”

  1. camoreader says:

    This is awesome! IMO, the price has been the problem why deceptex hasn’t really caught on yet. Not many people would spend 300 CAD plus shipping on camo that only worked in the visual spectrum.

    The Direct Ordering makes deceptex much more affordable!

  2. Guy Cramer says:

    Finding a company willing to cut and assemble one-off uniforms (with an ongoing system) is a problem. Our best costs to have a company cut and assemble are 3 times the wholesale price – over $200.00 for one uniform (jacket and pants) at Tac Wear. We will still offer that completed uniform service, but this will allow people to DIY their own projects.