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Reaper Outdoors Season 2 Premiers April 1st

I stopped by Tidewater Tactical today to meet with Navy SEAL Master Chief Ron “Reaper01” Bellan host of Reaper Outdoors – Survive the Hunt. We spoke about the premier of Season 2 coming 1April on the Pursuit Channel (check local listings).


Ron offered to show us a real gem. He is introducing a full Berry Compliant Tactical Hunting Vest (THV). Why a tactical hunting vest you might ask? Well then, you haven’t seen Ron in action. Make sure you watch Reaper Outdoors so you can get an idea of what we are talking about. The THV is based on a MOLLE-style chest rig design and offers nine purpose built pouches for hunting including Bow, Rifle and Shotgun specific items. Look for a full story soon.

Additionally, Reaper Outdoors is involved with the Special Operations Wounded Warrior Hunts which help our Nation’s wounded special operators recover through rehabilitative hunting and other outdoor activities. Look for details on their next hunt via live updates this week on

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8 Responses to “Reaper Outdoors Season 2 Premiers April 1st”

  1. fmfbest says:

    Mind readers! Or maybe just been reading my thread over on lightfighter on desiring a hunting chest rig. Can’t wait to see if this fits the bill.

    • SSD says:

      Ron’s been running this rig for awhile now. He based it on the kit he uses in the teams but has tailored it for hunting.

  2. Perfect long gun rig. The main front pouch would be great for binos/LRF and a map.

    • SSD says:

      There’s a bino pouch available as well but you’ll be able to purchase any of these pouches separately from what I understand.

  3. Alex says:

    Tactical hunting? I think maybe the “tactical” craze has gone a little too far. Most US States and Canadian Provinces have well run and regulated hunting seasons/game conservation programs. Where does the concept of “tactical” anything fall into those programs? Because that where 99.9% of the public whether they are active military, former military or civilian is going to be hunting.

    Is this a bushcraft/survival skill training program hidden in the current “hip” marketing gimmick of being “tactical”?

    While I like the chest rig unless it is in blaze orange its of little use in firearms hunting in any of the States I’ve lived in over the years. Although I can see how it would be very useful in archery season when blaze orange isn’t needed. I wonder if its designer attempted to wear it with the safety harness many treestand users wear these days?

    • Tom says:

      Alex, easy answers to your questions. I used the rig this last season, It works great. I put an orange vest on over it, this also allowed me to wear better clothing in the cold weather. You know there is no good cold weather blaze orange. The nice thing is, I do sit in blinds, no need to wear orange and the THV was great to have.
      A harness fits right under the vest with no issues. The fit is perfect to keep everything close without hanging everything up.

      Lets not forget Turkey season is coming up. How awesome will it be to have your clippers, calls, shells, and screen all on your chest. Oh and no Orange needed.

      Tactical is new to hunting., but it looks tactical to me and when you order one, you’ll know you got the highest quality vest out there. I got lucky enough to test the THV. It puts all those other vests to shame. If its good enough for our warriors to wear hunting people, it’s good enough to use hunting.
      Doc Holiday

  4. Waccamaw says:

    As a hog hunter ,it is perfect.maybe could use a pistol pouch
    .other than that it’s great .

    • SSD says:

      That’s the beauty of using PALS. You can attach any MOLLE-style pouch including a holster.