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The Chair Is Against The Tactical Wall


I bet these are selling like hot cakes…



12 Responses to “The Chair Is Against The Tactical Wall”

  1. Lawrence says:

    Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the most tactical of all?

  2. straps says:

    I’m totally stealing that drawer slide idea.

  3. dude says:

    Does it lock?

  4. scott says:

    this post now renders the use of this useless. now people know where to look and what it looks like

    • SSD says:

      New SSD reader huh? I originally wrote about this last year.

      • Scott says:

        No not new at all. Actually I have been around for a while just unlike most of the readers here I do not feel the need to comment on every post you make. I feel it is better to observe as opposed to open and spout out whatever hits my brain first. You’re correct I have seen this on here before but during these trying times where the 2nd amendment is under some of its heaviest attacks I do not see the need to expose such a product people might utilize to hide their firearms from who knows what….

        • SSD says:

          Then how do you propose they let people know that their products exist? Since they originally came to SSD and asked us to post about their products? I mean they are, after all, in this pursuit to make money and feed their families.

          I don’t believe that this company makes this product to hide items from the authorities but rather as a means to mask the location of their valuables and self defensive items in the event of home invasion or robbery.

  5. Phil says:

    no worries–behind the slider you put a couple of muskets, behind those is a wall with a loose brick that you punch out like chuck norris, then the real sliding wall opens. The most heavily accessorized weapon is a trap, and if you pull it from the rack you get tazed. The gold plated Desert Eagle shoots backwards. The ‘rust’ on your favorite rifle is actually just a cool graphics wrap.