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The Tactical Hunting Vest from Reaper Outdoors

Manufactured by Honor Point to the exact lung standards of Reaper Outdoors, the Tactical Hunting Vest is a PALS-based system with specialty pouches for your hunting adventures. Look for more info soon.


Hosted by Navy SEAL Master Chief Ron “Reaper01” Bellan, Season 2 of Reaper Outdoors – Survive the Hunt premiers 1April on the Pursuit Channel (check local listings).

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13 Responses to “The Tactical Hunting Vest from Reaper Outdoors”

  1. It kind of looks like an RRV.

  2. Reaper 01 says:

    Reaper 01 here, It looks standard in some ways, but believe me it is far from it. A lot of thought and time went into developing the Tactical Hunting Vest (THV). The pouches have very specific functionality and it is unlike any other system out there. I’ve been wearing this system for a year now while shooting season 2 for Reaper Outdoors. It has proven to be invaluable. all the things you need in front of you and secure. The THV is a High quality vest, not some piece of crap that will only last a season. this is a lifetime purchase. All the reaper products coming out will be quality.

    We will be posting full descriptions with pictures and price in the next couple of weeks, on our new website. if you have any questions on the system feel free to contact us at or Honor Point. We are setting up distribution now. If anyone is interested, please contact us.
    Reaper 01 out

  3. John says:

    Is that velcro on some of the pouches? If so, bad idea. To loud and the velcro collects all kinds of burrs and grass killing the “stickyness”. Maybe use fastex or rare earth magnets. Also that thing would be hot as hell in the southern states and would seriously inhibit temperature regulation(stripping layers) in the mountains. I wonder how long these guys have been hunting?

    • SSD says:

      I am laughing right now. Hunting game or people?

      • John says:

        Four legged critters.

      • tdubbs says:

        Isn’t this for hunting game? If I haven’t missed something (possible, even likely) and that is the case, then I can see how velcro would be a showstopper on something like this – there’s no way you would get away with opening a velcro pouch closure if there was a skittish deer within 50yds.

        • SSD says:

          Why would you be? Same goes for human. Why do you need to open a Velcro pocket within earshot of something that might here? Is that candy bar really that important at that moment?

          • John says:

            No, a candybar might not be that important but a rangefinder might be. Or a small pair of binos to see if that cow Elk your fixing to shoot has horns or not. Speaking of binoculars, if anyone finds a pair of Leica compacts on a ranch south of San Antonio, they are mine. I lost them because I made the mistake of trusting the velcro on a pouch while busting brush during a hog hunt.

            Critisim aside, I like the fact that these guys are attempting to close the gap between the hunting market and tactical gear market. They vest is a nifty concept that would work well for some specific types of hunting(like hunting out of a vehicle, off a horse or 4 wheeler). They need to tweak the details though.

  4. Blake says:

    I don’t see an insulated six pack pouch, a sealed humidor pouch, nor a Jim Beam bottle shaped pouch, clearly it still needs refinement but keep working at it.

  5. Rob Collins says:

    I like the idea, but to me, it looks bulky for something that would carry less than 10 lbs of weight. I backpack hunt and this wouldn’t work under my main pack.

    If it was US made, likelihood of consideration greatly increases. The idea (I think) of this is to have stuff you need to have close at hand easily accessible. Not to have a new take on a Molle LBE type system.

    Here’s my list:
    binoculars (I don’t think that pouch would fit many)
    water (it doesn’t need to be liters, especially if I’ve got bigger storage elsewhere, with a camelbak elsewhere, this is redundant)
    FRS radio
    navigation tools (in descending order: compass, map, altimeter, gps)
    multitool + dressing knife
    snacks (I like the chew can pouch…)

    Like, but with reservations…