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Schadenfreude Defined


Yes, it’s a Beretta 92A1 but its covered in ODG Lupus goodness by Joint Force Enterprises.

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13 Responses to “Schadenfreude Defined”

  1. Wolf says:

    Don´t want to be a smart ass, but isn´t Beretta spelled with an E?!

    Love that you used a german term by the way!

    • Alex says:

      As a native German speaker I just said WTF when I read that ..

      But then again, I have seen this word misapplied so many times by native English speakers …

      • SSD says:

        In English it is used just as I applied it. If you don’t understand, you’ve never had to carry an M9.

  2. SSD says:

    Yeah, it is. Welcome to the wonderful world of iOS spell correct.

  3. BrettW says:

    That’s one way to sexify one rather gruesome pig… Well done! I’ll have to ask the boys over there at ODG if they will be taking orders on these…

  4. Golu says:

    Can someone please explain what scadenfreude means in this context?

    • mike says:


      On a more serious note, the context is this: The Beretta is not something most people love. That pistol is something that people put up with because someone said so. The ODG camo is good and amazing. While Schadenfreude is most commonly associated with taking pleasure in the suffering of others, it can also semantically be used to find joy in something terrible. Here we have found joy (awesome pattern) in something terrible (the Beretta 92).

    • straps says:

      Thought it was just me. Maybe this?

      That Frame will take a .40 Slide and Mag just fine.

      Said Slide is available with a decocker that doesn’t also serve as a dead man’s switch.

      You now have a versatile, multi-caliber system that could outlast certain Austrian guns whose .40 variants have service life issues stemming from 9 MM engineering absorbing .40 S&W forces. Say what you will, this is a Thing.

      When That Guy’s gun breaks–after all the shit he gave you over your old-fashioned DA/SA–and you savor his suffering–that’s Schadenfreude.

      • mike says:

        *Shrugs* I’m a SIG guy, I don’t really care about how these stack up to Glock and I have trouble believing my pistol will shut down before basically any Beretta. On that note I’m 9mm, .357SIG, or .45ACP depending, and .40S&W never ever ever entered my mind as a carry option. I’m still pretty sure the term was used in reference to the awesome paint job on the junk car we see above.

    • .308 says:

      schadenfreude is a German term meaning taking joy in others misfortunes… It has not been used correctly here.

      • Golu says:

        Thanks for googling that for me, but as a German myself i know what schadenfreude means. I was just not sure if there is a second meaning in the US…and didnt want to be a smartass too.

  5. straps says:

    I guess the Hogue G10 grips are still on order?