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I grew up with Scouting and obviously I had great parents since they gave me the opportunity to join Scouts, first as a Cub and later as a Boy Scout and Explorer. The experience left a lifelong impression on me. “Be Prepared” is more than just Scouting’s motto.

Today, it seems to be a lost art. As an adult I apply the skills I learned in Scouting everyday. Once, when I was home on leave from the service I was able to visit my old Scout Troop and tell them that I had a job where I applied the field living and survival skills I learned as a kid in my job. I didn’t watch someone else do those things on The Discovery Channel, or watch a Youtube video of some guy starting a fire. Rather, I learned how to live in the wild with my own two hands. That’s something that’s missing from most children’s lives; hands on, outdoor living. So this is a plug for Scouting. If you have kids yourself, or young relatives, or even a friend’s children, get them involved in Scouting. Boys and Girls both. They are great programs that get them outside and learning how to do things; to live and love the outdoors. In addition to Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts has Explorer and Venture programs for teenage girls. I mean, hey, they are over 100 years old, they must be doing something right.

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19 Responses to “Scouting”

  1. Joe says:

    Agree 100%. Scouting was an invaluable experience.

  2. Stephen Jolly says:

    I’m an Eagle Scout, and my son is now in scouts, with me in the Assistant Scoutmaster position. It has served me in my military career quite well, and hopefully will do the same for my son. Thanks for the support for Scouting!

  3. Eagle Scout says:

    It’s a damn shame that homosexuals will succeed in emasculating the scouts with the help of a liberal media and hollywood. The male role model is a dying breed.

    • Juan says:

      The ignorance is strong with this one.

    • Toby says:

      I find that the opposite is actually the case. Before I joined up as an officer in the British Army, I was a leader at the Scout group I went to as a boy. During my time as a leader, we had a young leader who was gay come to help every week and the kids got on really well with him and vice versa. Also, our GSL (Group Scout Leader) was openly gay and in a civil partnership, and he was the best GSL we’d had for years, very involved in planning all sorts of activites for the group, from camps to inter-group sports tournaments.
      In my opinion you can still be a good male role model without being straight.

      • DEEBEES says:

        Wow… just wow. I hope your children turn out to be gay. then you might finally understand that in the end people are just people trying to get through life like everyone else.

        • Toby says:

          Is that directed at me or ‘Eagle Scout’?
          If it is at me, in absolutely no way am I judging them for being gay. Their sexuality was never an issue, and the other leaders and I massively appreciated their input and help over the years. I’m bisexual and have devoted a lot of time and support to many LGBT causes and I’m proud to say that I’ve made a difference in people’s lives.

  4. corsair says:

    Scouting is great so long as the parents take a vested interest. The good troops had parents involved from the financial end, through the guidance end, up to the driving end. Scouting may be boy-led but, its parent driven. Get your son and yourself involved.

    • Decent Weasel says:

      Completely agree. Never hit Eagle – was only able to make it to Life before I got too old, but it was still a great experience that taught me a lot. But the help and support of parents is crucial. Some parents just dropped their kids off; others took a vested interest and poured energy into helping their kids succeed. The kids who went far were the ones who had their parents backing them every step of the way.

    • Brandon says:

      This! Excellent synopsis of the Scout/Troop/Parent relationship.

  5. YM says:

    Another great program to look into is the Young Marine program ( I’ve done both scouting and YM and have found YM to be more beneficial in my growth of skills.

  6. Mathieu says:

    Great article. There was an article in Popular Science or Popular Mechanics a few years ago about skills real men should have. (I may be butchering the title) In it were basic things like, “Change a tire” up to “Plan an Invasion” (Maybe it was Plan an Offensive).
    My daughter isn’t able to join Scouts, but I’ve been teaching her fieldcraft since she could walk and was sent home with a letter from the principal in 5th grade because she controlled a scene where a boy was cut open (on accident) until a teacher could get there.
    This last monday she became a Cadet Airman in the Civil Air Patrol. She is planning on going the Search And Rescue route and hopes to get her pilot’s license.
    For those of you where scouting may not be an option for whatever reason, look into the Civil Air Patrol. Even if they don’t go into the Military, they learn invaluable leadership skills they may take with them later in life.

    • SSD says:

      I have my youngest daughter the option of CAP or Venture Scouts. She chose CAP. Don’t forget Venturing. It is a coed, youth led organization for ages 14-21. Adult Advisors to keep it on an up and up. They teach a wide variety of skills.

  7. james says:

    Eagle Troop 32

    Go Scouting… amazing experience ! fantastic life leasons

  8. BadAndyINC says:

    I believe that the scouting movement has been the best thing to happen to our young boys in the history of the world. Lord Baden-Powell and Ernest Thompson Seton where great men and visionaries. Scouting teaches our young boys to be leaders, outdoor skills and allows them to have fun while learning it. I myself started at age 5 as a tiger cub and went all the way through this past Tuesday night, earning my Eagle scout rank, working at summer camp, hiking at Philmont Scout reservation and becoming a Scout leader and helping the new boys in my troop learn the skills I have learned in the past and assisting the other leaders in providing a great program of trips and events for the boys, all along the way. With my parents being active duty military during my younger years the only thing that stayed the same was; when are we moving again and Boy Scouts of America. Regardless of what rank you made it to as a boy or if you never had experience before with the scouting program, find a local troop and go and see what it’s all about, volunteer, encourage your nephews, nieces, sons, daughters or next door neighbors to go an check it out. It never hurt anyone to go take a look at something. Also, any youth program weather it is a Church youth group, Young Marines, Awanas, Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts; need a good foundation of adults volunteers and parent involvement. Without this foundation at its core, the program will fail and the children will not be interested. Years ago a group of bigots got together and made a big huss and fuss about the federal and state government installations and schools allowing the boy scouts to your there facilities and now most the scout troops meet at churches and businesses that sponsor the troops. I myself growing up around military personnel and the boy scout program spent a lot of my time on base either with my parents or with my scout leaders which were active duty military taking time out of there day to help mold us young boys in to men. After the bigots were done screaming and yelling that no one especially the Scouting program should use these facilities, the program lost numerous great scout leaders and for what…..Nothing at all. I apologize for the long post but I do believe in the scouting program and its means that help create and mold our young children into the leaders of tomorrow with the correct respect, foundations and courage to do what it right for everyone under there leadership.

  9. John says:

    I am an Eagle Scout. THe skills and leadership I learned as a Scout have served me for over 30 years in the Navy, Army and life.

    Both of my sons are Scouts and I’m a leader.

    This is one of the greatest programs for youth ever created. One that gives you confidence, friendships, and valuable skills that last a lifetime.

  10. CivDefDawg says:

    I was blessed to go Cubs – Troop – Eagle – Explorer – Philmont Ranger. One of our Older ASM’s was probably Gay and was one of the most skilled Scouters I ever knew. (no he was not a Pedophile before someone makes that crack) He was a very genteel, gentle type who had been Scouting since the 20’s.

    I’m a leader now and also see the degredation of outdoor skills but the simple truth is most ADULTS have no skills anymore. At least the youth in our troop camp, kayak and hike. They think I am “Nuts” when I track a Fox back to its den, or make an “Foraged Salad” but the hard core ones are there with me.

    I have worked with Civil Air Patrol as well, for 15 + years, and think highly of its Cadet Corps. They do NOT build the same thing, though. A Scout is a good citizen, who might well make a good Soldier. Many Cadets become good Soldiers (heck, they are half-way there) but they aren’t well rounded a-la Scouts, nor are outdoor skills a priority.

    The Religious Right are determined to “Keep Scouting PURE” – the Socialist Yammering Left are determined to either “Open Scouting – or DESTROY it”. Neither side seems to give a Rat’s Arse about SAVING it. Scouting will survive, but I am afraid it won’t thrive……………….

  11. Rob says:

    Nice post SSD!

    It’s funny the little things the boys truly enjoy learning, something as simple as skipping rocks brightens their day.

    It’s rock climbing on Monday night for my Bears…should be a blast!