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Corps Strength – Enjoy It!

Enjoy ItOne common problem I see with people that are trying to get in shape, is that they don’t let themselves enjoy the process. I have a news flash for you tough guy; Every exercise program can, and should include some fun stuff. It doesn’t have to be ass-kicking painful 24/7 to be effective. The fact is that if you try to make it that way, you won’t last long, that I know from personal experience. You need a balance for it to work long term, hard vs. easy (fun). When I’m trying to work out a exercise program for someone, one thing I always ask them is what did they like to do for fun when then were 10 years old? Rarely (like never) have I had a person tell me that when they were 10 they liked to do “Cross-Fit” or run marathons. Well of course not, back then it was about fun, not fitness. but the point here is that you can greatly help your overall physical fitness (and mental fitness) program by not spending everyday preforming a 4am Weight-Vest, Beach Run Beat down (or something like it). I don’t care what your physical condition is, or your fitness goals are, you need to give the hard-core PT a rest once in a while and just do something for the fun of it. Good examples of this are sports like golf, softball, touch football, hunting and fishing. They all get you outside, are best done with friends, and while active, pretty easy on the PT scale. One thing I like to do is ride a bike. Now I’ve been in many Cycling and Triathlon races over the years, and in the process logged in thousands of hard bike miles training for them, but thats not what I’m talking about here. When the weather cooperates, I get up a little earlier and ride my bike to work. I don’t dress up like Lance Armstrong, nor do I ride my $2000 mountain bike. I have an old “hard tail” mountain bike that I tuned up with some road tires, and a old man gel saddle. I ride the 7 miles to and from work at a leisurely pace, and just enjoy the ride. Its an easy way to get in another hour of PT without really trying. It also works wonders for my attitude, just like it did when I was 10, as there was nothing I liked more than riding my Sting Ray bike with my friends. The bottom line is that riding a bike is still fun and it is exercise at the same time. So give yourself a break now and then and take a day just to do what what your inner 10 year old liked to do. No, you can’t throw rocks at girls. Haha. Be safe, and good luck.



3 Responses to “Corps Strength – Enjoy It!”

  1. Vic DiCosola says:

    Good post, another great (fun) way to get the heart rate up to 140-160 is do a bit of car racing.


  2. cy says:

    Love the picture. Reminds me of my youth when i jumped every curb and bump i came across.

  3. Jbgleason says:

    This is a GREAT post. It isn’t about beating the shit out of yourself occasionally, it is about maintaining a healthy lifestyle long term. I applaud the author for his recognition that being a crazy cross fit groupie might gain short term benefits but…. Wait for it… We all get older and the general healthy lifestyle and exercise program is what is going to make you a stud in your late 40’s and beyond.