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A Quick Tour of IWA – Take 2

Thanks JJ for this second set of photos of last week’s IWA.


5 Responses to “A Quick Tour of IWA – Take 2”

  1. Kevin Larkin says:

    Which hat is the white mannequin wearing? Looks like an M44-style hat.

    Name of manufacturer would be appreciated.


    • Marmatt says:



      He works with Pencott patterns and has been known to make WWII German M43 style hats.

    • Buckaroomedic says:

      That picture was taken at the Helikon booth (they had a great display of their clothing in the Pencott family of camo, BTW), I’m sure it’s one of their hats. Definitely patterned after the M44 style of hat. That style is still worn by many militaries here in Europe.

    • jj says:


      I believe the guy at the booth said they were the hat in the link above.

      • Hawk 271 says:

        That´s correct, it´s Helikon. You can see their Logo in the Background on the Wall. Btw the correct Term is M43 Mountaincap.