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Wilderness Advanced Life Support

We just found out about this medical training opportunity.


Advance beyond WEMT. Unique, in-depth – 3 days private cadaver lab sessions. Self-reliant medical training for Wilderness, Remote, Foreign settings or Preparedness

Day 1 – Expeditionary/Travel/Improvisational Medicine, Legal issues and physician protocols, Pharmacology basics, Altitude issues including hands-on Hyperbaric Chamber experience, Anaphylaxis assessment and intervention, Lost tooth, Dental fillings & Root Canal.

Day 2 – Wound closure including suturing/stapling/multimedia, Amputation care, Foot Gear Selection and Foot Care, Hypothermia, Water treatment and storage.

Day 3 – Advanced Respiratory (Intubation-ET LMAs, Cric’s, Chest Decompression), Heat illness, Solar injury, Field Hydration and Nutrition, Food procurement.

Day 4 – Fractures-determining w/o x-ray, Splinting & casting, Dislocations/Reductions, Hypothermia, Disaster Preparation and Recovery, Humanitarian assistance issues.

Day 5 – Fluid resuscitation, IVs, Injections, Catheter, Insects-Reptile-Mammalian Attacks. Physicians, RNs, and advanced practitioners, WFRs EMTs all find this course awesome!

Ten years old, this course is only offered once a year in Denver March 27-31 2013.


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  1. Jean Deaux says:

    Of course, there are similar courses in states that don’t restrict our Constitutional rights…