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Forces Focus – AFSOC CV-22 Special Mission Aviators


5 Responses to “Forces Focus – AFSOC CV-22 Special Mission Aviators”

  1. MEDEVAC IP says:

    What a damned joke! What you really mean is that you are a glorified flight engineer? Your pilots are a joke too. They don’t preflight, and don’t even compute their own helicopter performance data. Air Force rotary winged aviation is a damned joke. Give those missions to the Army, we do everything involving helicopters more efficiently.

    • Mike says:

      Not for nothing, but when air is red and Army aviation wont fly, Pedro will nut up and come and get your wounded.

      • Doc B says:

        Never met a MEDEVAC pilot that wouldn’t fly under even the worst conditions I’ve ever witnessed, and you’re impressively wrong if you think I or any other medic won’t come fetch you when the need arises.

        PJs are what they are – I have worked and played with many – but it can’t really be disputed that all the major things the air force finds sexy about them, is put there by the army. They are medically outclassed by every 18D in the inventory, while we’re engaged in dick measurement. Even when they still attended SOCM, that was only half the Deltas’ workload during MOS phase.

        Also, your “red air” and PJs coming to get folks that the army pisses away fantasy is further ruined by simple force distribution. One tends to cover a wider area by letting each party have their own area to cover. Don’t get me started on some of our alleged allies, though. That’s a nightmare when some of them have your area for MEDEVAC.

        • Mike says:

          Irregardless of what you say, my statement was based on what i’ve personally witnessed on multiple deployments. I’ve seen Pedro fly from KAF to come and get our wounded when Lagman was much closer because air was red. I never doubted the skills of the medics who are delivered to the scene but now that you mention it i have also seen an army flight medic drop a patient on a litter while moving them to a bird. As far as dick size i dont care, an 18D may very well be a more qualified medic but how many times are they riding on medevac or CSAR birds? My original comment was directed to the fact that some think AF rotary aviation are worthless primadonnas. Maybe so, but they do have balls of steel and will fight through hell to get your wounded. That statement is based on what i have witnessed myself on more than one hot lz.

    • ANB says:

      Someone’s sounds jealous