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M3 SkyFins from MATBOCK

Although few troops conduct military free fall (MFF) operations, MATBOCK specializes in developing niche products. Their new M3 SkyFins (patent pending) make life a little easier for jumpers.


Civilian jumpers have been using pants and suits to help them have more control, more power and track farther in the sky for years; however, military issue combat pants haven’t offered those same capabilities; until now. Named after Matt “Maddog” Mason, the M3 SkyFins were specifically designed for use with SOCOM’s issue PCU Level 9 pants with Crye knee pads. Additionally, MATBOCK is working on a slight modification for the M3 SkyFins to accept the “snaps” that can be found on the latest issue Level 9 pants by Patagonia.


Keeping with their motto, Lighter Faster Warriors, MATBOCK incorporated a VS-17 day signal panel to the inside of each SkyFin. The M3 SkyFins can easily be removed once on the ground and can be combined to make a bigger signaling panel, if needed.

M3 SkyFin VS-17



4 Responses to “M3 SkyFins from MATBOCK”

  1. Joe says:

    Very cool tech, I especially like the VS-17 panel incorporation.

  2. Charlie says:

    I wish someone had designed military (olive drab) hiking gaiters as well.

  3. MTN Medic says:

    Charlie, They do. They have to have an NSN too as we are issued them. The croc gaiters by OR is what we get in coyote. http://military.outdoorresearch.com/gov/or-gear/gaiters.html

  4. Will says:

    Simply amazing!
    Like the beer hat, I kick myself for not thinking of it first.