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The Safariland Group Acquires Mustang Survival

Today, Safariland announced the purchase of Mustang Survival which will add an interesting dimension to Safariland’s personal protection offerings. Mustang Survival specializes in maritime flotation and personal protective equipment.

The Safariland Group (the “Company”), a leading manufacturer of protective products and equipment primarily for law enforcement and the military, has acquired Mustang Survival and its related entities, Mustang Survival Inc. and Mustang Survival Mfg., Inc. (collectively, “Mustang Survival”).

Mustang Survival is the North American market leader in lifesaving equipment for recreational, military, law enforcement and industrial users in the marine and aviation environments. For more than 45 years, Mustang Survival has been transforming innovative ideas and technologies into high-quality and practical lifesaving products such as inflatable personal flotation devices, flotation clothing, dry suits, anti-g suits and a wide range of products to protect serious users in extreme environments.

“We are excited to be bringing together two companies that are both committed to saving lives as a part of their core mission,” said Scott O’Brien, president of The Safariland Group. “Mustang Survival’s history of lifesaving marine and aviation equipment has presented unique growth opportunities for our company, especially as we aim to broaden our suite of products that help save lives.”

The Safariland Group, acquired by an affiliate of Kanders and Company, Inc. in July 2012, is globally expanding its current brands while pursuing acquisitions aligned with its mission of “Together, We Save Lives.” Mustang Survival represents the Company’s first acquisition in the marine and aviation industries.

Mustang President Jim Hartt, who will continue in his current role, commented: “Joining forces with The Safariland Group represents an important step in the global expansion of the Mustang Survival brand. We expect to leverage their resources to further drive our innovation in new product development and to take our products to a new level of performance as we expand the reach of our safety equipment to new customers, markets and applications.”

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4 Responses to “The Safariland Group Acquires Mustang Survival”

  1. Jorge says:

    wow- I hope Safariland doesn’t screw this one up…the Mustang folks are brilliant as hell and good people.

  2. BradKAF308 says:

    lvl 3 immersion suit or a holster that keeps you afloat

  3. Matt says:

    Inherently buoyant body armor carrier, please. Got to get away from inflatable PFD’s and tactical flotation systems that require excessive maintenance and training that do you absolutely no good if you’re knocked unconscious and can’t manually activate them.

    • Fudman says:

      Inherently bouyant body armor presents a problem when you are trapped inside a helo or vehicle that is submerged. It will pin you to the ceiling and hinder egress. Auto-inflate, self-inflate and releasable armor all have their tradeoffs. There is no simple answer that will resolve all immersion situations.