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Team Wendy and Wilcox Ind Collaborate on New NVG Harness


Team Wendy has collaborated with Wilcox Industries to introduce new and improved L4 NVG Head Mount.

The system incorporates Team Wendy’s Zorbium Comfort Pads and Cam-Fit retention into Wilcox’s existing and proven head mount. This new TW-Wilcox L4 NVG Head Mount is now available through Wilcox and its authorized distributors and soon will be offered by Team Wendy as well.

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6 Responses to “Team Wendy and Wilcox Ind Collaborate on New NVG Harness”

  1. FLC says:

    I think I would just wear a bump helmet with the NVG bracket on it. that looks complicated.

  2. Doc B says:

    Helmet > Rube Goldberg NODs

  3. Equipped.pl says:

    I think I saw that in the past… Wait, here it is! http://www.tanos.co.uk/braces/bkb/images/revheadgear1.jpg

    • Bill says:

      I was literally thinking the same thing the exact moment your post popped up.

  4. Keld says:

    So basically its a direct competitor to this? :

  5. caleb says:

    Serious question, what advantages does this offer over a bump helmet?