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Today in SOF History

I though this was pretty cool.


Today in 1944, 1Lt Carter Harmon (standing top right), flew a YR-4B helicopter on a rescue mission to evacuate a light L-2 plane pilot and his passengers. This was the first helicopter rescue mission by the 1st Air Commando Group.

3 Responses to “Today in SOF History”

  1. pbla4024 says:

    Is it Harman or Harmon?

  2. HD says:

    Is this the mission where a group of personnel (including medical personnel) hiked into the crash site, cared for the pilot and passengers’ injuries, and then spent approx a month clearing jungle in order to make a LZ for the pick up? (it may have been longer then a month IIR)

  3. Jon says:

    Just cruising through and I saw this picture. My dad (CBI vet, 2d Troop Carrier Squadron, passed in 1998) has a picture of a helo much like this in flight. He once told me it was the first rescue by a helicopter. Might the picture I have be this chopper taking off? Interestingly, there is a female in the foreground of the picture. Just more questions than answers at this point.