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Magpul Introduces the MBUS Pro

Magpul MBUS Pro Rear - Profile

This week, Magpul Industries is introducing the MBUS Pro front and rear back up sight featuring all steel construction. They are freaking awesome. Right out of the gate, I know some of you are going to say that they ripped off this company or that company. Ok, got it. Now, check the price. MSRP for the Front is $84.95 and Rear is $104.95.

Magpul MBUS Sizes

Naturally, they are Mil Std 1913 compatible and feature positive detents for both up and down functions. Additionally, they are narrow so that they won’t get in the way of other devices such as lasers.

Magpul MBUS Pro Front

The MBUS Pro front sight integrates a rotary-style elevation adjustment knob so no more tools and stows just .432″ above the rail height with standard AR front sight height when deployed for use.

The Rear MBUS Pro is dual aperture and adjustable for windage.

Magpul MBUS Pro Rear

The Rear Sight is .375″ above the rail when stowed and extends to full AR height when in use.

Look for a formal announcement soon from

22 Responses to “Magpul Introduces the MBUS Pro”

  1. Joseph says:


  2. Mike says:

    Take my money now!

  3. Roecar says:

    I’d like to try these out, I’ve been a fan of the MBUS design but not the polymer. Steel sounds promising.

  4. mike says:

    looks awesome! can’t wait to get a set into the shop!

  5. Mark says:

    I didn’t want to touch the plastic ones. These– these are going on the next flat top I put together.

  6. Or says:

    “rotary-style elevation adjustment knob”? So that means I can’t replace it with my fiber optic sight post, does it?

  7. TCBA_Joe says:

    Very nice! Will need to get my hands on a rear for my SBR

  8. Duke says:

    Offset sights, here I come with these!

  9. Nick Drakulich says:

    Now make a 45 degree off-set version for those of us running low power variable optics and you will own the market!

  10. Mad Doc says:

    Just so kool!! Need 5 sets!!!!!

  11. Bob says:

    Fingers crossed for a version cerakoted in FDE.

  12. Infidel.Tac.Armz556 says:

    These are effn sick!! Lovin em! They do favor a infamous companys sights but thats why Im diggin em! They blew it out the park with these! Theyr on the website now!!

  13. Angry Misha says:

    Who makes the charging handle in the bottom left picture?

  14. Fox says:

    Cool. It looks as though the small aperture opens to the front, making it possible for the large aperture to be ready with the sight stowed in the down position, alowing for a CQB “ready” when the sight is deployed. VERY COOL INDEED! Over the top once again Magpul!