Sneak Peek – Rogue Gunfighter NO Vis Ankle Med Kit

Rogue Gunfighter gave us an early glimpse of their upcoming NO Vis Ankle Med Kit.


The pouch is slightly padded and maintains a low profile when worn under a pant leg. These photos give you an idea of how the pouch is laid out and how it is loaded with medical gear.


The kits will be available both filled as well as pouches you can outfit with your own supplies.


As of now, the full kits will come with:

SOF tactical Tourniquet
QuikClot Combat Gauze
NPA 28F nasal phalange
Traume Shears
HALO chest Seal
Blue Chem Light

However, the list may change as we get closer to launch.

Coming in about one month.


7 Responses to “Sneak Peek – Rogue Gunfighter NO Vis Ankle Med Kit”

  1. Mathieu says:

    This product is awesome, I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. I work in a corporate environment and something on the ankle, under the pant leg is perfect. This would be good for security staff as well.

  2. Lucky says:

    Any idea pricing wise? Like bulk pricing?

  3. Scott says:

    Any way to be notified when they hit the market?

  4. Brannon L. says:

    Been using the old 5.11 Cred rig for a couples years, but it is great to see something purpose built for the job. They beat me to it and looks like they did a fine job. Cudos

  5. Maskirovka says:

    Great solution for uniformed patrol officers with limited belt real estate. This looks like it will be perfect with 8″ boots.

  6. Fighter says:

    Nice product guys! Post some pictures of it in action!

  7. Stone says:

    Burn/ blast bandage?